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Cafes in Beverly Hills

Three Blue Ducks
143 Macpheron St, Bronte Ph: 02 9389 0010

Three Blue Ducks takes both food and fun seriously. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner with a smattering of boutique beer, cider, coffee, wine and other drinks to go with your meal. Fresh ingredients come directly from their kitchen garden onsite. They are very passionate in going green and committed to using eco-friendly, biodegradable products and use renewable energy where they can.

G03, 19 Arncliffe St, Wolli Creek Ph: 02 9599 8712

One of the best additions to the Wolli Creek scene. A hidden gem where you could feast on wagyu beef, grilled prawns, amazing squid and lamb ribs. The coconut ice cream and jelly is made on the spot and is something to write home about. If you’re looking for amazing Asian style smoked meats, you simply can’t go wrong with Yan.

Three Williams 
613a Elizabeth St, Redfern Ph: 02 9698 1111

Brioche, narnie and french toast, pure hipsterville. This is Three Williams Cafe in the heart of Redfern. A family friendly cafe with a spacious interior, reasonable prices, awesome food and a section where kids can entertain themselves. If you’ve never been to, prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

Mecca Alexandria 
26 Bourke Road, Sydney Ph: 02 9698 8448

A hidden gem in Alexandria, Mecca is the go-to for your coffee experience. The menu covers the basics but it is all about coffee here whether it’s batch brew or pour-over, Mecca will satisfy. Food is made on site at this warm and inviting location, atmosphere is perfect. There is always a new and exciting roast done in-house. Why not try a cupping?

Kepos Street Kitchen 
96 Kepos St, Redfern Ph: 02 9319 3919

For tasty Middle Eastern cuisine with a modern twist, Kepos Street Kitchen is open for breakfast, lunch and coffee. It is a buzzing café by day and a beautiful neighbourhood restaurant by night. Try the falafels, you won’t be disappointed. Mediterranean classics are reinvented here served with your choice of mocktails, aromatic teas or great coffee. As they say on their website, they are more than a place to eat, they’re a destination.

The Grounds of Alexandria 
Bldg. 7A, 2 Huntley St, Alexandria Ph: 02 9699 2225

Opened in 2012, The Grounds of Alexandria is a landmark coffee roaster, eatery, bar, cafe and kitchen garden that is envisioned to be an urban sanctuary to welcome and bring people together. Theirs is a multi-cuisine spot that focuses on fresh produce serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and drinks. They also provide catering, bookings for events, and outdoor seating. Walk-ins are welcome.

Bread & Circus Wholefoods Canteen
21 Fountain St, Alexandria Ph: 0418 214 425

With particular stress on the canteen part, Bread and Circus Wholefoods is not a cafe. The overall message is one of health as displayed by the leaves and plants around, fresh and vibrant colours that greet you that is simply stunning. Open for breakfast and lunch their pancakes is a big crowd-pleaser. Their flavour combinations are enticing to say the least. Try the porridge or their delicious soups and don’t forget to sample the chicken schnitzel. Sandwich boxes are also quite a popular choice.


Third Rock Café
516 King Georges Rd Beverly Hills NSW Australia Ph: +61 2 9585 2238

The Third Rock Café is the best place to feast on delicious modern Australian cuisines. They are located at King Georges rd, Beverly Hills NSW. They have a wide range of modern Australian specialties such as Chicken Risotto, Spaghetti Gambo and Seafood Crepe. If you are a pasta lover, you should try their Spaghetti Bolognaise, Penne Pollo, Penne Squid, Fettuccine Salmon, Chicken and Avocado Penne and so much more. They also recommend their Gourmet Sandwiches such as Roast Beef, Chicken Schnitzel and Tandoori.

D To D Café Restaurant
457 King Georges Rd Beverly Hills NSW, Australia Ph: +61 2 9580 3328

The D To D Café Restaurant has a weird name don’t you think? Well there is a meaning to the D To D though and here is the answer. D To D is a café restaurant that is Dedicated To Delivering quality food and drinks and also affordable dining to their customers. They are also Devoted to Distinguishing their friendly and polished customer service and making your every dining experience with them an enjoyable one. Lastly they are open for lunch and Dinner To Desserts and they are here to make it a Delight To Dine. Well, that is pretty much how they describe the meaning to their name and they deliver such to their customers.

Lulu’s Café
1/481 King Georges Rd Beverly Hills NSW 2209 Ph: +61 2 9586 2016

Lulu’s café is a good place to stay for some quick bite to eat. They have good service which the staff is very hospitable and they check the needs of their customers right away if they need anything more. They have this good coffee blends that make any customer want more. It is a good place to stay with some friends and the outside area is for the smokers. The place is close to the cinemas and near some parking areas which is very convenient for the customers.

Pancakes On The Rocks
507 King Georges Rd Beverly Hills NSW Australia Ph: +61 2 9580 7220

Looking for some pancakes with a lot of twists? And what we mean of twist, we mean different types of styles for making your pancakes taste good. Then you should be heading to Pancakes on the Rocks which is the perfect place for you. This place can give you what you want which are different types of cooking pancake and the different sauces that you get to put on it. They also have different dishes in the menu like pizzas, salads and many more.

La Roma Pizza Café
3/423-425 King Georges Rd Beverly Hills NSW Australia Ph: +61 2 9580 9630

If you are looking for some good Italian pizza and dishes then you should be going to the La Roma Pizza Café which has the best tasting Italian dishes and cuisine that only a well-established café can create. They have the best trained chefs who have graduated from good schools and they work hard to give you only the best pizzas which are piled high with steaming hot toppings. They have different kinds of pizzas which are both traditional and some gourmet-style pizzas.

de France
2/36 Tooronga Terrace Beverly Hills NSW Australia Ph: +61 2 9150 4911

Looking for some good French dining in the middle of Sydney? Then head to the de France right away for some awesome French experience! The Boulangerie de France is a place where it has been evolving and growing for almost a decade already. They excel in good breads which are made from only the best ingredients and some good French blends which would only make you swoon in delight. Get ready to experience the best French food at its finest and while you are at it, try some of their great crepes and pastries.

Oliver Brown 
544 King Georges Rd Beverly Hills NSW 2209 Ph: (02) 9586 1116

Looking for some good grub at King Georges road? Then look no further because you can find it right here at Oliver Brown Beverly Hills where there are good dishes and meals waiting for you. Try out their coffee blends which are pretty good for those who want to try them out and relax under the Sydney sun. They have some snacks to go with that too if you are into some good sweets. They have some good meals too if you are really that hungry.

Thaleia Greek Taverna and Café
467 King Georges Rd Beverly Hills NSW 2209 Ph: (02) 8084 5485

Looking for a place where you can have a good family bonding? Then you should head to the Thaleia Greek Taverna and Café to get what you want for your family. Order some scrumptious food delights that are absolutely amazing to the taste. Their foods are famous for their good presentation and they are also very exceptional for them which can give you your money’s worth. There is also a live band that you can watch so that you can be entertained while you dine in at this place.

Mortdale Grind Café
29 Morts Rd, Mortdale NSW 2223 Ph: (02) 9579 5922

Mortdale Grind Café is a place where you can enjoy breakfast all day. You can eat different kinds of breakfast meals here and some good coffee blends to go with them. They have some toast which has different types of it. They also some good grilled breakfast which should make your breakfast awesome for you like some Corn Fritters, Eggs Benedict and many more. They also have different types of wraps which are all good and delicious to eat and adore.

Koffee Kat
423 King Georges Rd Beverly Hills NSW 2209 Ph: (02) 9580 9630

Looking for some good coffee while enjoying some good cat art? Then head to Koffee Kat which is what this place is all about. Koffee Kat has some of the coolest cat artworks that you really need to see and you can also enjoy coffee and some good meals while you watch. They have some good snacks that would make you drool for more. They also have some good coffee blends made from their master barista who only delivers the best coffee blends for their customers.

Café 31
31b Ogilvy St, Peakhurst NSW 2210 Ph: (02) 9534 5950

Trying to look for some good coffee at Ogilvy street? Look no further because you can find the best café there at Café 31. Try out their good blends and different snacks that are definitely one of the best in that area. Try out some of their good coffee blends made from only the best coffee beans that their master barista could find in the market right now. You do not have to worry about the prices because they are all affordable and you can definitely enjoy it all without any problems.

Oliver Brown Chocolate Café 
King Georges Rd, Beverly Hills, NSW, 2209

Trying to satiate your desire to eat some good chocolate? Then you should be heading to Oliver Brown Chocolate Café Beverly Hills to satisfy that hunger. They have the best chocolate meals and drinks that you can even possibly imagine in your life. You have to try out their OB Belgium Waffles which has some strawberries, ice cream and melted chocolate which is a fan favorite. There is also that Choc Mojito which could pump up your sugar levels to the max.

Impressions Café
5/423 King Georges Rd Beverly Hills NSW 2209, Australia Ph: +61 2 9585 8644

You have to try out their coffee here especially their mocha version which is exceptionally good and satisfying especially if you want to enjoy the afternoon sun. The environment here is pretty good too which makes it good to relax and lounge in where you can forget all of your worries. You can also try out their decaf caramel latte which is pretty good too and has a very affordable price. This place really serves great coffee which can make you go back again and again.

Beverly Hills Cinema
447-458 King Georges Rd, Beverly Hills, NSW 2209 Ph: (02) 9580 5400

Looking for something different? Well there’s a café in the cinema where you can enjoy a good coffee and some awesome movies in one! You need to visit King Georges Road’s Beverly Hills Cinema where you can enjoy some of the best movies from the newest to some good classics. You can also enjoy good coffee here with good blends. To go with that you can complete it with some good snacks on the side. Try them out and enjoy your movie watching!

524b King Georges Rd, Beverly Hills, Australia 2209 Ph: (02) 9585 0282

You want some good spaghetti? Then head to Spago which has the best spaghetti you can enjoy. They also have some other meals which you can really enjoy and like. It is a very well-known restaurant strip in Beverly Hills, Sydney South. They have this modern Australian cuisine and added them an Italian twist which gives it a very unique taste to their great dishes. You really need to taste their pasta dishes which are full of natural flavors and very al dente.

Diannes Café
380 Burwood Rd, Belmore NSW 2192 Ph: (02) 9750 4578

Trying to find a place where you can concentrate on your plans and get a boost for your work? Then you should head to Diannes Café right away for your fix. They have just the right coffee for you to get you going. They promise you some of the freshest, most delicious coffee in the area. If you want some extra buzz in your day, you need stop by here for a take away. They have a wonderful selection of teas and assorted beverages that you can enjoy.

Shop K27 Park Rd, Hurstville NSW 2220 Ph: 0295858897

You want some good tea with different versions? Oh yes, you will definitely enjoy your stay at Chatime, a very famous café in Sydney. They are a fresh tea specialist franchise that focuses on Taiwanese tea culture. They have only the best freshly brewed tea for flavor and fragrance. They have some good tea makers which can brew some of the most awesome blends of tea that you have never tasted before. Try them all out so you can relax and de-stress at the same time.

Grove Café Bar
247 Kingsgrove Rd, Kingsgrove NSW 2208 Ph: (02) 9150 9991

Trying to get a feel of nostalgia? Then go to the Grove Café bar because you can feel that nostalgic feeling when you go to this place. You have to taste some of their great beverages that are served right away by their staff. You also have to taste their awesome coffee blends which come from good coffee beans ordered from only the best in Sydney. Try out some of their good snacks that go very well with the beverages and coffee that are served here.

Short Black Espresso Bar
50 Penshurst St, Penshurst NSW 2222 Ph: (02) 9586 1155

Looking for some good black coffee on y our way to your area? Then be sure to visit Short Black Espresso Bar on your way there because you can’t ignore their awesome coffee. They have the best coffee in the area and have the best customer service that you will ever enjoy. They have this very homey setting that everyone enjoys very much. They also have some good foods that they really want you to have and they have some design touches to it.

Eatz On Bridge
43 Bridge St, Hurstville NSW 2220 Ph: (02) 9570 5079

Looking for a place to relax for a while away from the buzz in the city? Visit Eat On Bridge to have that kind of luxury. They have some good coffee for you to taste which is served by their good barista. They have some good blends that you definitely need to taste first. They also have some good wraps and sandwiches that you definitely need to try out. Their staff is very friendly and lovely too. Go there now!

Cafes Brighton-Le-Sands
Café Neptune
87 The Grand Parade Brighton-Le-Sands NSW, Australia Ph: +61 2 9567 8590

Neptune, nestled in the heart of cosmopolitan Brighton-Le-Sands on the western shore of Botany Bay, overlooks the refreshing waters and welcoming sands of Brighton Beach. Cafe Neptune offers you exquisite Modern Australian cuisine with an Italian and Mediterranean influence. It has an exclusive 70 seated/standing function room upstairs with even a fully licensed bar which should be perfect for your corporate functions, birthdays, wedding receptions or any kind of event you want to hold. It is a pretty decent place to be in.

Bay Vista Dessert Bar
83 The Grand Parade Brighton-Le-Sands NSW, Australia Ph: +61 2 9556 1727

Want to be in a place where it is “happening”? Then look no further because the “happening” is happening at Bay Vista Dessert Bar. Enjoy the very awesome dishes that are served here by their master chefs. You have to try out their very delicious desserts which are their pride and joy in this lovely bar. It has a late night trading and full menu availability until closing. You will definitely feel satisfied when you eat here due to the fantastic food.

86 The Grand Parade Brighton-Le-Sands NSW, Australia Ph: +61 2 9597 3300

Looking for some place where it feels like you are in a high class restaurant or café but in reality you can really afford their prices? Then head to this very awesome location at Brighton-Le-Sands, the Eurobay! Their vision at Eurobay is to provide only the best quality food and in generous portions at that but at affordable prices that everyone would really love. You have to taste their good food and drink it away with some alcoholic beverage or some good coffee blends by their awesome baristas.

Bianco Kitchen
Shop 17 Bayside Plaza, Grand Parade Brighton-Le-Sands NSW Australia Ph: +61 2 9567 3344

This is a place where you can enjoy good Italian cuisine and some good snacks in the heart of Brighton Le Sands. To top it off, their cuisine is enhanced by the gorgeous set of Botany Bay. They have the most delicious pizzas that you would want to have a taste right away and have other dishes which are equally delicious as well. You have to taste their award winning pasta as well which many patrons look for when they visit this place.

Signature Brasserie
127 The Grand parade Brighton-Le-Sands NSW, Australia Ph: +61 2 9599 4949

The best place to eat, drink and relax is by the sea as some would say. They are not wrong at that though as Signature Brasserie shows how it is done for you. Their dining is at water’s edge which is a pretty great place with a pretty great view of the open sea. They have a very relaxed and elegant setting and they serve a very expansive menu that offers a wide range of contemporary cuisine. They are open for lunch or dinner any day of the week.

Bay Espresso
295 Bay St Brighton-Le-Sands NSW 2216 Ph: +61 2 9567 8657

Looking for the best coffee on the south side? Then you should be heading out right now to the Bay Espresso at Bay street. They have the best coffee blends that you, coffee lovers, would love to have a taste. They are only made from the best beans you can find in the whole of Sydney and they are made by the best barista there is in the area. They have the best staff too that serves you fast and friendly.

Brighton Kiosk
The Grand Pde Brighton-le-Sands NSW 2216 Ph: (02) 9556 1653

Enjoy a lazy, sunny brunch, coffee or a casual catch up with friends. Located on the water’s edge at Botany Bay you have the opportunity to enjoy the all-day breakfast menu including eggs benedict, omelets, bacon and egg rolls,” The Works Breakfast”, special dishes for the children, fresh fruit salads, banana pancakes and raisin toast. You have to try out their lunch menu which includes steak sandwiches, lamb souvlaki, chicken in pita and many more. They also offer freshly squeezed juices, milkshakes, coffee, tea and more.

Sorelle On Grand Café
116 The Grand Parade, Brighton-Le-Sands, NSW, AustraliaPh: +61 435 560 402

Looking for some good sweets and while nearby the sea? Then you have to visit Sorelle On Grand Café which is the perfect place for you to stay at. They have the best desserts that you need to try out and the best coffee too to go down with it. You definitely have to try out their sandwiches too which have big portions given to you at a very appreciative price for it. It is the best place to eat, drink and relax in the afternoon.

Baygarden Restaurant
Level 3 Cnr The Grand Pde & Princess Street Brighton-le-sands NSW Australia Ph: (02) 9556 5111

Baygarden Restaurant offers tempting meals featuring modern Australian cuisine. Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner on the third level overlooking the bay with indoor and alfresco dining available. You will enjoy the great view of the area and with a very vibrant aura in this majestic place. Eat some of the best meals that you will enjoy in this restaurant and you will never forget the great pleasures that you will feel with their delightful meals. Please visit this place soon!

Luck Sushi Restaurant
309 Bay St, Brighton le Sands, Rockdale, NSW 2216, Australia Ph: (02) 9599 0500

Looking for some Japanese cuisine? Then you should be heading to Luck Sushi Restaurant where you will get to try out some of the best Japanese cuisine that you will ever taste. They have the best buffalo wings which most people would say that the buffalo wings dish was the best meal they have ever tasted in that restaurant. They have great value for their menu and they have very friendly staff which is one thing you should definitely visit for.

Shop 36, Bayside Plaza, Grand Parade, Brighton Le Sands, NSW Australia Ph: (02) 9567 2865

Whether you want a relaxing breakfast, a quick lunch or a good night out with your friends, you will be sure to enjoy the vibrant and friendly atmosphere at Mezes. They very conveniently located in Brighton Le Sands and just right across the road from the beach. They pride themselves on providing the finest quality in Greek and Continental style cuisine. You can enjoy some quick snack or some gelato for your walk along the beach because they have their espresso bar near the door of the restaurant.

Thai by the Beach Restaurant
Shop 3/88 the Grand Parade, Brighton le Sands, Rockdale, NSW 2216, Australia Ph: 02 9567 8899

Looking for some good Thai food in the Brighton le Sands area? Then you should be heading out to Thai by the Beach Restaurant to satiate your hunger for Thai food. They have the best dishes that any person who wants to try out some Asian delights especially when it comes to Thai dishes. They have the best seafood meals that you would really want to try out right away because it will only make you drool for more. Try out their juices and smoothies too if you would like.

Larousse Restaurant
352 Bay St, Brighton le Sands, Rockdale, NSW 2216, Australia Ph: 02 9597 4010

If you are having the strange craving for French cuisine in the Brighton le Sands area then you are in luck. You should be heading to Larousse Restaurant where all of your French cuisines are there. You can have all the best French dishes that are served by the best chefs who know how to cook French cuisine. They have these lavish dishes that could make any person swoon in delight due to the rich flavors that any French dish would give.

Abode Thai Brighton Le Sands Restaurant
323 Bay St, Brighton le Sands, Rockdale, NSW 2216 Australia Ph: 02 9567 0444

You looking for some Thai food because you are craving for it or some Asian delicacy? Then look no further because you can find one in the Abode Thai Brighton Le Sands Restaurant right now! Aside from their usual Thai menu, they also serve different kinds of Asian delicacies and also some great Singaporean dishes that many always crave when they visit that country. Try out the best dishes they can offer to you because it is guaranteed to be the best ones you will ever taste.

Ocean Heart Seafood Restaurant
367 Bay St, Brighton le Sands, Rockdale, NSW, 2216, Australia Ph: 02 9597 7434

They have a strong devotion and a passion for cooking which is what the owners have and they have accomplished this with this restaurant of theirs which is the Ocean Heart Seafood Restaurant. They take pride in their seafood dishes and the excellence of quality and customer service they offer to their customers. Some prefer their calamari rings because they would say that they have the world’s best calamari rings. You have to try out the different dishes that are being offered in their seafood menu and also some other dishes.

Little Sicily Woodfire Pizza Restaurant
325 Bay St, Brighton le Sands, Rockdale, NSW 2216, Australia Ph: 02 9599 8164

The Little Sicily Woodfire Pizza Restaurant brings only the authentic taste of Italy to Brighton-Le-Sands. Their Bay street pizzeria always cooks pizza for their customers and they do everything perfectly so that it always melts in your mouth. You have to bite into their delicious pizzas and the crisp crusts of their different versions of it like Ocean Heart, Milano and many more. They also have a wide selection of traditional and gourmet pastas that you will surely love and be a fan of.

Bondi Pizza Bar and Grill Restaurant
Shop 35, Bayside Plaza, 376 Bay St, Brighton le Sands, Rockdale, NSW 2216, Australia Ph: 02 9556 2111

bondi chai If you want some Bondi Pizza in Brighton-le-Sands then look no further because you can have it here at their other branch. The Bondi Pizza Bar and Grill Restaurant has one of the best Italian pizzas in Sydney and is considered the best among the rest. The have the passion of not only to create the tastiest “Thin Pressed Pizza” in the world but also to create a dining experience that captures the essence of what Bondi Beach is and now that is brought to Brighton-le-Sands!

Meet the Greek Restaurant
Grande Parade, Brighton le Sands, Rockdale, NSW, Australia

Looking for some Greek dishes? Find it at the Meet the Greek restaurant where you can enjoy a lot of awesome Greek meals that you will truly enjoy. Try out some of their delicious Greek meals that many people have been saying is quite delicious and truly mesmerizing. The staff can keep up with the crowd very well since it is always busy. The food is served timely and they have a variety of dishes that will truly make you look for Greek dishes again and again.

Hurriane’s Grill Brighton Le Sands Restaurant
Grande Parade, Brighton le Sands, Rockdale, NSW, Australia

Looking for some good time in the area of Brighton le Sands? Then you should be going to Hurriane’s Grill Brighton Le Sands Restaurant where you can enjoy all of the good stuff like great cocktails, awesome beverages and some good food. Families are welcome to this place and they even have disabled access which is pretty good for a restaurant. They even cater for the kids who get some crayons and paper to draw on if they’re bored. This is pretty much a good combo of a restaurant.

C Side Restaurant
110 General Holmes Dr, Brighton le Sands, Rockdale, NSW 2216, Australia Ph: 02 9567 9122

Looking for some good food at the General Holmes drive area? Then go for C Side restaurant where you can enjoy the best foods and drinks. They have good food that they serve for their customers for lunch and dinner. The service is pretty great too and the staff is very friendly with their customers. This is a great privilege if you are going to this place. This is a place where you will surely love to visit from time to time.