Munooshi Cafe in Randwick

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A Sydney sister to Munooshi Cafe at 36 East Terrace, Adelaide, Randwick’s Munooshi Cafe is a funky little cafe with a middle eastern theme. Focusing on fresh ingredients, healthy ideas and unique flavours, they all help to give Munooshi Cafe an authentic feel reminiscent of traditional Middle Eastern culture.

Taking pride in serving the best food, and their passion to make you feel comfortable while you enjoy a coffee or one of their many menu items, is the nature of Middle Eastern hospitality. Pop in for an early morning breakfast, lunch or quick feed after work.

There are plenty of delicious things on the menu at Munooshi Cafe, here’s some of them which on any given day, are hard to go past:

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Munooshi & Pizza

– Combination Cheese: Grilled Haloumi & Mozzarella Cheese
– Cheese, Sausage & Veg: Grilled Mozzarella, Beef Sujuk & Fresh Tomato, Onion & Kalamata Olives
– Margarita Plain: Grilled Mozarella, Fresh Tomato & Cracked Pepper
– Margarita Plus: Grilled Mozarella, Fresh Tomato, Bocconcini , Fresh Basil & Cracked Pepper
– Haloumi Special: Grilled haloumi Cheese & Fresh Mushroom, Fresh Tomato, Avocado & Zatar
– Classic: Zatar, Fresh Tomato, Kalamata Olives & Beef Sujuk
– Zatar, Labni & Veg: Oregano, Thyme , Sesame, Sumac, Labni (Yoghurt) & Veg
– Zatar & Veg: Zatar, Fresh Tomato, Onions & Kalamata Olives
– Vegetarian: Lettuce, Fresh Tomato, Carrot, Cucumber, Capsicum & Optional Olives
– Lamb Mince: Premium Lamb Mince, Tahini (sesame cream), Fresh Tomato & Fresh Mint
– Meatlovers: Beef Mince, Sliced Breast Chicken, Pastrami, Beef Sujuk, Hommous & Onion
– Garlic Chicken: Sliced Breast Chicken , Grilled cheese , BBQ sauce Onion & Garlic
– Mediterranean: Grilled Mozzarella, Beef Sujuk, Fresh Tomato, Fetta, Fresh Basil, Onion & Kalamata Olives
– Falafel: Falafel, Lettuce, Fresh Tomato, Cucumber, Dill pickles,Turnip & Tahini
– Kiby: Kiby, Labni, Fresh Tomato & Olive Oil optional Hommous and Pickles
– Dessert: Nutella, Slices of Banana, & Strawberries

Breakfast & Wraps

– Breakfast Special: Egg , Beef Rashers ,Tomato , Grilled Mushroom Optional Capsicum & Avocado
– Chicken Salad Wrap: Chicken Salad Wrap Grilled Chicken, Lettuce, tomato, Carrot, Cucumber & Choice of Condiment
– Vegetarian Wraps: Lettuce, cucumber, capsicum, mushroom and tomato.

Arabic & Greek Salads

– Arabic Salad: 2 x kiby, 2 x chicken strips, 1 x falafel, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, hommos & turnip
– Greek Salad: Lettuce, tomato, olives, fetta, onion, olive oil & cracked pepper
– Chicken & Avocado: Grilled Chicken , lettuce , cucumber , Avocado , Peaches , Balsamic dressing & Cracked Pepper


– Semolina Slice
– Arabic Sweets
– Ladies Fingers
– Affogato

Mumblings About Munooshi Cafe

The Munooshi Cafe is a must for the local lunch time crowd. Food is superb, tea is amazing, Desserts are out of this world. But the best part is the welcoming from the owners. – Nina

Awesome food. Very fresh and tasty.
I have tried the cheese munooshi and it was just right, melted in my mouth. – Rod

Fantastic home made food!!! You have to come for the Arabic Salad!!!!!!! Thanks guys. Great service. Freshest food!! – Jen

Great Zaatar Manoosh! Good to have this in eastern suburbs of Sydney. – Michael

Had brunch here in the arvo had the lamb and garlic Chicken it was amazing service was a 10 food 10 very highly recommended will be back soon. – Obayda

Excellent breakfast and chai latte! Definitely coming back, hope they stick around! – Julisa

Absolutely awesome. i haven’t had a falafel sandwich like this in a long long time… Awesome guys, friendly. Will go again 100%. – Salty Bill

Friendly staff, fresh delicious produce served with a smile. Modern gourmet filling inside traditional Arabic bread baked to order on site.
Yum. – Caled

Lovely place serving Arabic food in Randwick. The Zafar pizza was delicious and the staff were very cordial. Will definitely return for more. – Amol

Awesome food, friendly staff. Was missing a place like this in the area, definitely recommend. – Sara

Munooshi Cafe
Ph: (02) 9398 5063
25 Belmore Rd, Randwick