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August 2013


SASKIA DAVISON brings us the latest news on the Sydney cafe scene ...


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Argue all you like, we're too bloated to care. Here's our satiated verdict on the 20 best restaurants in Sydney. The first example ...


Tetsuya's Consistently featured in the World's 50 Best Restaurants between 2002 and 2010, Tetsuya Wakuda refurbished a heritage-listed site, with influences of traditional Japanese-inspired style, to create a serene dining enclave in the Sydney CBD. The restaurant offers three main dining areas overlooking an exquisite Japanese garden, private yet atmospheric rooms for larger groups, and a bar at which guests may enjoy a pre-dinner drink before commencing their meal. Every room also features pieces from Tetsuya's eclectic art and ceramic collection, from delicate Japanese porcelain to bold Australian sculptures. The cuisine is unique, based on the Japanese philosophy of using natural seasonal flavours, and enhanced by classic French technique. To read more click here.


Foodie events around Australia? Keep up with our scout Bizzy Lizzy as she showcases Australia's finest upcoming food events.


A True Community Cafe

common groundz cafe lalor park sydney western suburbs cafes australia blacktown restaurants coffeeCommon Groundz

Shop 6, 10 Commercial Rd, Lalor Park

Based in the outer western suburb of Lalor Park, Common Groundz, is a new prototype – not for profit –community café establishment, that commenced trading in October, 2008. The founder and operator, is Nathan Marshall, a Christian minister, and it's Nathan's actions that speak for his community philosophy. He possesses an unassuming nature and the café is in itself a very successful working model.
Nathan wanted to find a means whereby he could interact with people for a more direct experience. By becoming an integral member of the community, he found a people that simply needed something to belong to, believe in and contribute to freely. The community couldn't wait to show their readiness to participate.
            Apart from Nathan, all of the staff consists of a group of local dedicated volunteers. Common Groundz also cultivates its own array of vegetables grown organically from the rear of the premises. This in turn aids in keeping their overheads down, while providing a more nutritious and beneficial meal.

community cafes compassionate cafes sydney australia coffee lalor park blacktown parramattablacktown cafes restaurants pubs sydney australia cafes coffee community cafes
            With the assistance of the local TAFE, they have now introduced a free barista training course, that will ultimately help provide many with the means of reversing a chronic trend of local unemployment.
            At any given moment, Nathan and the crew of the Common Groundz café consistently find themselves reaching out to aid and assist those who could use a helping hand. There are always a stack of new projects on the go.
 A small sampling includes:
·      The approval to create an organic vegetable garden. The LGA donating the land and full approval to do so. The produce will be used in the café and also provided indirectly to needy families. (Vegetable gardens to be constructed by volunteers.)
·      Free barista training courses for the unemployed. (Over a ten-week period.)
·      Free internet provision for local school children.
·      Volunteer missions to build small dwellings in East Timor.
·      Many small programs to benefit the victims of local societal tragedies.
            Such a business model cannot survive without the warm generosity of its patrons and community, and a little help from other sources never goes astray! Hence, they are always hoping to receive encouragement and donations from some of the more philanthropic elements of our larger community. In this way, they shall remain enabled to continue exemplifying that true Australian community spirit, growing organically – while going from strength to strength.

Oh and we love this pic opf Nathan with his coffee machine - note the truck wheels underneath: http://twitpic.com/6pthd4
To assist or learn more about the barista courses offered by Common Groundz and TAFE – www.commongroundz.com.au


Foodie Trends

tea blossoms australia cafes sydney restaurants tea giftsTrendy Tea Blossoms

Elegant Tea Gifts

We were most bemused when a review parcel arrived from the Australian tea company WorldParTea who are based up in Port Macquarie. Why, we wondered, were they posting us dried flowers? We're not known for reading instructions but after a while the curiosity got the better of us, and from there it was just a skip over to the kitchen to put on the kettle. Well folks the kettle boiled all afternoon, until the filament broke, as we sampled fascinating tea blossoms with names like Chloe's Pink Carnation, Princess Malia, Little Prince Harvey and Hannah's Jasmine Wreath. Drinking that much tea in an afternoon meant that the office's porcelain bowl got an almost relentless spraying, but we were buzzing ... on some kind of detoxing tea-high. Maybe that's where the name "high tea" comes from? Anyway hope you enjoy our article on the subject ... Read More ...


How Good or Bad is the Air in Your Cafe?


air purifiers sydney air filters australia ionisers melbourne brisbane perth adelaide canberra tasmaniaSerious business owners know that word of mouth is the best advertising one can hope for. To have one person get sick in your establishment, be it an employee or a customer, is like a tiny pebble that can start an avalanche of bad gossip. Have you noticed a case of absenteeism from any of your employees? Or perhaps incidences of allergic reactions like asthma attacks from patrons? Being pretty sensitive (I'm the gluten-free dairy-free type, so confessing my biases - but I'm by no means the only one), I can think of at least three inner-city Sydney venues that I personally simply can't go to. It couldn’t be the food; it was made according to specifications using the freshest ingredients. If a venue has all the proper licenses and health permits to operate, still they wouldn’t want any of their customers getting sick. What could be in the air? An air purifier may be the answer and there are many different types available in Australia. For more info click here.


The Late Night Cafe Scene


best coffee in bondi cafes breakfasts sydney australiaThe 3 Steps Cafe

A Bondi Institution 48 Years Old

With Sydney's summer in the air, no more keenly is the party season celebrated than around Australia's most famous beach, Bondi, which locals and many visitors like to think of as the Saint Tropez of the southern hemisphere ... For The 3 Steps Cafe, another summer of heady Bondi love will always be a case of "same as it ever was". Their team of seven chefs knows what it is to see off the wildest of Bondi nights - and they equally know what it takes to unflinchingly fire up a new day of Bondi adventures as they open their doors and churn out the biggest of breakfasts from 4.30am. There's no messing with this place's legend, as it's been doing this since 1962, long before most of its patrons were born ...


Twitbytes ...


Here's some articles that came about entirely through our involvement with Twitter this year - it's fab for contacting people and talking about food ...


For the Caffeine-Sensitive: Teeccino Caffeine-Free Herbal Coffee
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Filmic Foodies: Sydney Underground Film Festival Launch
Hard Core: Where to Taste or Buy Absinthe in Sydney

Performing French: Paris Cake Shop & their Croqu’embouche
Socialising: Sydney Good Food & Wine Show

Tea Time: Australian Tea Company 'WorldParTea' in Review
Healing thru the Gut: Health in a Bag Gluten-free Wholefoods


Cooking Up Some Good Food Copy


Here's an array of recent articles if you're just about to start drinking your coffee or teeccino and feel like some idle reading:

Alvin's Purple Patch: Interview with Alvin Quah from Masterchef

Fact or Fiction: Are these Sydney's 20 Best Cafes?

Celeb Interview: Max Markson's Favourite Cafes & Bars

Love it Local: The Coffee's Good in Hurlstone Park
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Filmic Foodies: Sydney Underground Film Festival Launch

Performing French: Paris Cake Shop & their Croqu’embouche
Socialising: Sydney Good Food & Wine Show
Healing thru the Gut: Health in a Bag Gluten-free Wholefoods


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Man Dies from Caffeine Overdose Prompting Calls for Ban


A British man has died of a caffeine overdose, according to a report. The 23-year-old, Michael Lee Bedford, apparently poisoned himself after using just two spoonfuls of caffeine powder. His grandmother now wants this particular lethal product banned.


The report on this tragic death comes from The Nottingham Post. Apparently a friend of Bedford's bought the caffeine powder for just $5.26 online. He mixed it with an energy drink and within fifteen minutes was sweating and vomiting blood. Bedford didn't use the product according to its directions, and took a level of caffeine that was 70 times the amount found in energy drinks. The product's recommended dose was just 1/16th of a teaspoon.


The case of Michael's death was heard before a Coroner's court, with a verdict of accidental death returned. The coroner Dr. Nigel Chapman noted, ""Caffeine is so freely available on the internet for £3.29 but it's so lethal if taken in the wrong dose and here we see the consequence."


Friends and family of Michael's are distraught and angry over the death. His aunt even said "there should be a warning on it saying it can kill." Caffeine in this situation is clearly a deadly drug, like many other drugs used at parties. The difference is that caffeine is perfectly legal, so you wouldn't expect this. Obviously anyone who doesn't heed the instructions on a product will suffer the negative consequences.


You can find plenty of examples in your kitchen that you just shouldn't overdo it with. However, there should be a significant warning on this particular product to warn of serious health issues and that it can potentially kill someone who takes too much. Michael's Grandmother even asked that this particular caffeine powder be banned. Does she have a point? To see source of this news item click here.


Our Most Popular Sydney Cafe article

Best Cafes Restaurants Sydney Bitton Gourmet Grocery Foods Coffee AlexandriaSydney's 20 Best Cafes

Above and Beyond ...

Just daring to proclaim a 20-best list of Sydney cafes risked earning us bitter-bean scorn and twittery tirades, but life is short and most of the www.sydneycafes.com.au team suffer nightly 'petit morts' from caffeine-induced heart failure overnight. So instead of jeopardising the brand by having all of our writers contribute, we let Jane Louise stick her neck out ready for the guillotine of rabid public opinion, as she dared to define her selection of ... "the 20 best cafes in Sydney". In its first three weeks online the page attracted, with no other advertising other than about eight tweets, a total of 13,508 hits. Never as heady as our extremely popular "Sydney Bars" page which is always number 1 on our site (and number 1 on Google) and attracted 132,644 hits for the month of September, but still, we were happy. In fact we're already planning a 2nd "20 Best Sydney Cafes" article and then one on "20 Best Sydney Restaurants" then "20 Best Sydney Bars" so if you'd like to be reviewed please email Stewart Dawes via media@sydneycafes.com.au before the coffee gets cold.


How to Get Your Hospitality Website to #1

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SEO Sydney

Best Social Media & SEO for Hospitality
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Allergy-Free Foods Australia
Bars in Melbourne
Cafes in Melbourne
Dehumidifiers in Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Australia
Far Infrared Saunas Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Australia
Furniture Shops Sydney Inner West
Health Gurus on Twitter
Health in a Bag Gluten-Free Products Australia
Health Risks of Mould & how Dehumidifiers Can Help
Healthy Gift Ideas Health Products Available in Australia
Holistic Health Magazines Australia Natural Health Media Sydney Melbourne
Kinesiology Courses Melbourne Sydney Brisbane Australia
Max Markson's Sydney
Miss Marley's Bar in Manly
New Movie Releases in Sydney Australia
Personal Trainers Perth Australia
Sales Training in Sydney
Shady Pines Saloon Bar in Darlinghurst Sydney
Small Bars in Sydney
Tea Outlets Shops Stores Sydney Melbourne Australia
The Glebe Street Fair
UK Graphic Designers
Weight Loss Products Australia Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Perth Adelaide
Weight Loss Retreats Sydney Melbourne Queensland Australia
Women's Casual Dresses & Shirts
Womens Girls Ladies Plus Size Fashion Clothing Australia
Womens Plus Size Fashion Clothing Australia Dresses Shirts


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What a Good Food Show it Was ...


Sydney Good Food Show was another memorable affair - truly a brilliant show. The photos reflect all that:


Playboy Energy Drinks Soft Drinks Sydney Good Food Show Expo Festival





























Tuckers Natural Biscuits Sydney Good Food Show


Good Food Expo Sydney Food Festivals Australia


Good Food Show Sydney Gourmet Festivals Fine Food Restaurants Cafes


Grand Ridge Brewery Pilsener Beer Sydney Melbourne Victoria Australia Good Food Show Expos Festivals


Ice Republic Powder Cocktails Pre-Mix Sydney Australia New Zealand NZ


To keep up with foodie events follow us here: www.twitter.com/sydneycafes


Top 100 Food Twitterers


Are you foodie but not yet on twitter? Our response is ... impossible! It seems every foodie in Australia is on twitter, and now thanks to the research of @Jenius, they're easily accessible in one document. So here it is folks, glorious foodie fanfare: The Top 100 Foodie Twitterers on Twitter.


Featured Small Bar

Shady Pines Saloon Sydney Small Bars Best Nightclubs Nightlife Cocktails

Shady Pines Saloon

Shop 4, 256 Crown St, Darlinghurst

Rockabilly-themed small bar for under-25s. I fully expected a Blazing Saddles-style Western brawl to break out any moment, but that was unlikely considering the slim & gentile undergraduate middle class finery of the patrons. The bar staff take their cocktails seriously: you can sip a whiskey sour, New York sour, negroni, mint julep (which is the house cocktail), gin martinis, daiquiris, as well as beer or a natty glass of sauv blanc. A taxidermed long-horn steer, deer and foxes blend with carved wooden American Indians in a post-modern post-colonial hidey-hole which amazingly doesn't feel contrived, a perfect pitch towards the last-standing bohemians of Sydney's inner east ...


Portuguese Restaurants Australia Sydney Brisbane Perth Adelaide Melbourne


Little Portugal Put on Great Festival


Sydney's "Little Portugal" is Petersham, home of many superb Portuguese restaurants such as Madeira Grill Restaurant (82-86 New Canterbury Rd, Petersham) for the best beef on a skewer (tender beef on a giant skewer for two) or O Pescador (102 New Canterbury Rd, Petersham) for seafood. And so once a year they wind it all up for a fantabulous and mostus-delicious Portuguese Food and Wine Festival. To check out our video, pics and review click here.


Food Festivals Sydney Melbourne Australia Brisbane Perth Adelaide Hobart Canberra


Taste of Sydney Food Festival was Superb


Taste of Sydney kicked off with a bang on the Thursday evening - it's so good to attend an opening night when the electrical current of apprehension is in the air and everyone is giving their best. The food? Oh so very amazing ... and the wines, adorable whether sampled or swigged, and the cocktails ... and champagne, the chefs, the presentations, the DJs, the live bands ... so much was so great ... the very best of the Sydney food industry was in the house. To read about it and see the hot pics click here ...


Sydney Function Centres Venues Lily's Restaurant Seven Hills


Lily's Restaurant, Bar and Function Centre


Dining at Lilys Restaurant, Bar & Function centre in Seven Hills is unsurpassed with their high food and beverage standards. Choose between a quick coffee and cake at Calla Cafe during the day or night or look at having a delicious pizza at Pascolis Pizzeria. You will find delicious international cuisine choices at Lilys Restaurant. The menu is fabulous. The prices are family friendly. Don't forget the fantastic Kids play room - Gizmo, for a stress-free night out with the family. Lily's also hosts a wide variety of corporate and private functions, local meetings, conferences and exhibitions across many industries. The Lily's functions department can provide assistance in helping organise and plan meetings and events. Lilys has installed all the latest technologies to help your corporate meetings/seminars run smoothly. For more details check put their very impressive website www.lilys.net.au


Can Caffeine-free ever be Sexy?


caffeine free herbal coffee substitutes cafes sydney australia alternatives organic coffee brands

Coffee and insomnia. For many people, the two go hand in glove, especially if the wicked bean is partaken of after the midday hour. Others, my mother for instance, can order a strong coffee in a restaurant at 11pm and yet be snoring by midnight. I'm definitely of the former brigade and I'm certainly not alone. So much as half a cup of the mildest soy latte five minutes after noon and I'm scaring the bejesus out of vampires until dawn. Hence my enthusiasm for the arrival of Teeccino on these shores. True, they clock up a few food miles to get here ~ being produced in California ~ but I'm conscious of the greater social good that Teeccino's many varieties of satisfying flavours bring to coffee-sensitive souls who are no longer wired until all hours, but are deeply unconscious when their sanity needs them to be. Read article ...


Addison Road Gourmet Markets


Our local Petersham scribe Jane Louise has reported on the Addison Road Organic Markets. After reading her review, I'm definitely going this weekend. The thought of organic coffee, well, almost any coffee as long as it's not instant, will get me anywhere.


Caterers in Sydney Wedding Catering Corporate Catering Services


Gourmet Palette Artistic Caterers


One of the things we've been up to this month is doing the SEO for Gourmet Palette Caterers. We've set them up with a twitter account and combed through their website doing SEO on pages that they want to be found for such as Wedding Caterers in Sydney, Cocktail Party Caterers in Sydney and Corporate Catering Services in Sydney. But also we've added their surrounding suburbs that are most often in demand of their catering services such as Alexandria, Mascot, Glebe, the inner west of Sydney, and of course the Sydney CBD.

Detox Australia Products Sydney Melbourne Soy Milk Maker

A Soy Making Machine - Make Your Own Soy Bean Milk


We also got asked to review a soy bean milk machine. It's available from the Health Arts College in Melbourne, who can deliver it anywhere in Australia, but who are also opening a college here in Sydney where they'll be teaching kinesiology, aromatherapy, remedial massage and a Degree in Health Science to start, plus down the track reiki, qigong, pilates and yoga. How the Dr FRESH Soy Milk Maker works - soaked soybeans are placed in the chamber with water, then Dr FRESH grinds the soybeans and extracts the protein. A micro-processor heats the soy protein and water at the optimum temperature and time period. In about 20 minutes delicious soy milk is available, all with only a push of one button. For more information call 1300 658 326 or email: shop@thacollege.com ... or you can stay in touch with them via http://twitter.com/THAcollege


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Cafe Otto in Glebe Totally Gutted By Fire


On 20th January 2010, Glebe's famous Cafe Otto was destroyed by flames at 3.30am today. The entire cafe ended up as char-grilled as the lamb on their Mezze Plate for Two. A nearby resident called emergency services after waking to the smell of smoke about 3.30am today. Firefighters arrived to find the brick and iron building engulfed in flames. It took 20 minutes for 20 firefighters to control the fire, but they stopped it from spreading to shops on either side of the cafe. For more info click here.


Happy New Year Wishes


Join our twitter group - go to http://twitter.com/sydneycafes and we look forward to seeing you there.


Chilli and Beetroot Pork Sausages (Gluten-Free)


After a stinking hot day last summer it was great to settle back with a couple of beers - and then, typically Sydney, a lovely tropical rain came at about midnight. Suddenly it was sausage-cooking weather! We dug out some very RED chilli and beetroot sausages we'd bought earlier in the day in Dulwich Hill. Even though we shouldn't eat before bed, we scoffed the lot. Dulwich Hill Gourmet Meats also specialise in organic meats and free range meats - so why not visit them pre-Christmas for some karma-free carnivorism? We just had to Tweet about it on our twitter account. It was a long hot day slaving over some SEO clients, but these chilli treats were even hotter. To join our website in 2010 email sway@sydneycafes.com.au or for the search engine optimisation email tonight's sausage chef via media@seotherapy.com.au


New Review of Recent Glebe Street Fair Now Online


Great new review & photos of the Glebe Street Fair by our Sydney writer Jane Louise: Glebe Street Fair - if you need some product-based copywriting done she is the best, check out also her excellent tea review article.


Snooty Sydney Baristas - Wake Up & Smell The Coffee


Been getting increasing reports from consumers that many cafes are refusing to serve soy coffees. We have no problem with that, but baristas, think about the lactose-intolerant consumer out there and at least get some lactose-free milk in da house!! This writer didn't drink milk for 20 years but is now a big fan of Paul's Zymil, in fact I'm having a glass right now. Are you a barista and would like to tell us about your use of lactose-free milk? - is it as good as using the regular stuff, or even better? Email Stewart Dawes editor@sydneycafes.com.au and let us know whether you're happy for your correspondence to be published, or are just commenting off the record.


Sydney Radio DJs Nightclub DJs


Bondi FM Cafe


We fully expected that Bondi FM Cafe was going to be a nose-in-the-air affair, talk about the exact opposite! It's totally a community-oriented, grass-roots vibe ... this unpretentious bohemian cafe, which houses the booth where the Bondi FM DJs broadcast from, is so packed with down-to-earth people that we totally love it!! Looking forward to many more encounters with a truly magical bunch of people and hot DJ talent - you can even listen to the station via the internet, or to check out their cafe click here.


Sydneycafes.com.au is Now on Twitter


We really didn't want to, but in fact now we can't wait for people to Tweet us about great dining spots they're at, and we can Tweet it right back out there. So join us today! We're at www.twitter.com/sydneycafes


Marrickville Street Festival Review


A great annual event worth celebrating our cultural diversity is the Marrickville Cultural Festival, click here. To email us about your upcoming foodie event, email editor@sydneycafes.com.au


Brazilians are Beautiful


This month we're going all fiesta-ish on you with our review of Brazuca Churrascaria, our Cafe of the Month. To see the review click here.


Thinking Raw Food?


Raw food has many health benefits & for expert information on the subject, ideal for vegans and vegetarians in particular, check out this excellent Tweet-suite: http://twitter.com/ThinkRawFood.




Without my morning coffee I'm just like a dried up piece of roast goat. - Johann Sebastian Bach.


New Pages (& Videos) Online


We had a great time at the Sydney Fine Food Festival so a review is now online - also a review of River Canyon Lounge in Parramatta. This latest review also features links to two videos we shot at River Canyon and placed on Youtube as a new SEO / search engine optimisation strategy. If you're interested in us shooting a video of your venue to place on Youtube as an exciting way of gaining exposure, email us via media@sydneycafes.com.au .... and if you want to see the videos we shot, click either here or here.


Mexican Restaurants Food Sydney Cafes Cuisine Tex-Mex Restaurants


Mexican All You Can Eat


We never tire of the Sunday night nosh-up at Juanita's Mexican Restaurant in Kensington. All you can eat Fajitas and Tacos for a very reasonable set price per person. Just had another big session there and we'll be back soon. The rest of the menu is great too and not everyone on our table had the "promo special" (make sure you ask for it) - some preferred to go the Crepe Mexicana, Taco Salad etc. Always remember it's BYO only. For more info check out their review by clicking here.


Bondi FM Cafe Bondi Cafes Photos Images Pics


Bondi FM Cafe - Sounds Good to Us


One of the highlights of our social calendar recently was attending the launch of Bondi FM Cafe - literally a cafe which contains within it a live radio station! It was a fantastic night packed with enthusiastic community-inspired people - and not only that, but you can listen to Bondi FM live on the web anywhere in the world live 24 hours a day - for more info check out their website by clicking here.


Food and Wine Aficianado Festival in Castle Hill


Combining the words foodie and intrepid like never before, our resident writer Jane Louise dragged us kicking and screaming from our inner-city cafe haunts (and on a Sunday!) to venture all the way out to Castle Hill - is that still even Sydney? But there was a merang in her madness - we arrived, after passing about 50 McDonalds outlets, at the Food & Wine Aficianado Festival, held of all places in the Castle Hill showgrounds. Our photographer had brought his young son along and so lost the plot altogether, spending his afternoon riding camels and in the kids-touchy-feely-animals den - thus taking pics not even of a crust of bread but purely of his son (he's been subsequently sacked as this website is owned by Rupert Murdoch's personal chef - a ruthless bastard if ever there was one), but thankfully Jane held it (un)together by sampling as much wine as is possible before sunset, a quaint characteristic as is the habit of all decent writers. Jane has now set her lawyers onto our poor editor and is insisting we publish the word "cupcakes" in place of "wine". For more info on this rather cool little Sydney food festival click here.


Do you have some Cafe News for us? If so, email our editor via editor@sydneycafes.com.au


Restaurant Editorial Review Page


Man if there's one thing we enjoy way too much (among many in this crazy foodie game) it's attending food expos and festivals such as the recent Restaurant 09 Expo held at Sydney's Hordern Pavilion. We've just written up an editorial with photos and mentions of some of the highlights, including camel meat that was more than fit for human consumption - it was outstandingly delicious! To check out this page and keep abreast (camel breast?) of what's hot in the food / coffee / wine scene, check out our review by clicking here.


SEO - Search Engine Optimisation


Looking for Search Engine Optimisation for your website? As an example, the Sydneycafes website is #1 on Google not just for cafes in Sydney, but bars in Sydney, nightclubs in Sydney, gay-friendly restaurants in sydney etc and top 5 on Google for everything from tapas bars in sydney to vegetarian restaurants in sydney, the list goes on - hundreds of dining terms. Since offering our SEO skills at the start of this year, we've worked on 8 websites (not just in the food industry) and got them all to Number 1 on Google. For an obligation-free SEO quote email Stewart Dawes via media@sydneycafes.com.au



Mount Eyre Vineyards


Joining us on Sydneycafes.com.au this month is Mount Eyre Vineyards. The Mount Eyre story started when Three Ponds Vineyard was planted in 1970, on Monkey Place Creek, Broke. Holman Estate on deep volcanic soils in Pokolbin, may be the best vineyard in the Hunter; it also features an olive grove and sensational views from its guest house. Mount Eyre Vineyards produce three ranges. The Mount Eyre range features Semillon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet, Shiraz, Rosé and Neptune sparkling. The Three Ponds range features Semillon, Chardonnay and Shiraz in classic Hunter style. In excellent vintages, they produce super-premium: Heirloom Semillon, Heirloom Chardonnay and Holman Shiraz. Cafe and restaurant owners have the benefit of knowing that at Mount Eyre Vineyards they deal directly with the owners of a boutique brand. Personal service and prompt delivery is the norm and knowing that the wines are not for sale in the supermarket chains guarantees that some exclusivity can be maintained on the wine lists. Why not embark on your Mount Eyre discovery with a glass of Neptune … even better sipping it on the Holman Estate terrace, gazing over the sublime Brokenback Range at sunset …
Three Ponds Vineyard 1325 Broke Rd Broke 2330 Australia
Holman Estate 3 Gillards Rd Pokolbin 2320 Australia
Office: 59 Cassilis St Coonabarabran 2357 Australia
Ph: 0438 683 973



Caterers in Sydney


Sweet Infinity Caterers & Pastry Shop


With a world-class pastry pedigree in Sydney, Paris and London under her belt, Leanne Beck’s pies have gathered a cult following among Sydney foodies - even A-list Hollywood stars can’t resist the sublime temptations on offer. Established twelve months ago under the direction of devoted pastry chef Leanne Beck, Sweet Infinity’s Woolloomooloo shopfront is artfully decked out in handmade French-inspired pastries and pies. Regulars such as Russell Crowe flock to Sweet Infinity for the chocolate mousse, caramel slice, tiramisu, brownies (she makes 400 a week) and their signature piece – lemon tart, a wafer-thin darkly cooked pastry that holds a soft tangy citrus filling. Voted in the top ten pastries in Sydney by the Sydney Morning Herald, Sweet Infinity are specialists in corporate catering and private functions, catering for high-profile institutions, such as ANZ Bank, Westfield, Clayton Utz, David Jones & Raddisson Hotels. “Sweet Infinity captures the essence of Sydney dining – our emphasis has always been on freshness and using the highest quality ingredients,” says Leanne. “Our aim is simple: to ensure our customers have an enjoyable, memorable experience.” Those consumers who don’t have a sweet tooth are also well catered for with gourmet savoury pies, such as Duck L’Orange, Wild Boar with Tomato & Thyme and Pumpkin & Fetta. Sweet Infinity is destined to become a dining mecca for those seeking good food, coffee and excellent value in the centre of the CBD. Also they're accredited by ‘The Heart Foundation’.
Sweet Infinity Caterers & Pastry/Sweet Shop
53 Riley St, Woolloomooloo
Ph: (02) 9331 2448


french food sydney


Chez Lulu - Crepe-aholics' Paradise


For those who've never sighted Mont St Michel from the beach, and marvelled at all that Monk-ified dedication ... the mystery of the gospels francified, we suggest you find the most adequate substitute and gorge yourself on the rarified Gallic gourmandy of Chez Lulu, our June "Cafe of the Month". No time for secular Anglophiles whining about the virtues of fish'n'chips, instead it's time to religiously cross the channel of your inner palate to the delicious world of Chez Lulu and his Asterisk-loving compatriots: do yourself a mighty favour and drop by Chez Lulu today - or tonight, for more, check out their editorial profile.


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Tequila Sundays at Juanita's


We recently ventured out on a cold Sunday night to dine in Sydney. Pretty much never recommended as most Sydney cafes and restaurants have zero vibe on a Sunday night. The food might be okay but the atmosphere is invisible. With such a realpolitik view borne of 9 years of food reviewing, imagine how delighted we were to discover a festive vibe in full flight at Juanita's Mexican Restaurant, where they are drawing big crowds due to their $24.95 "All You Can Eat" offer on Sunday and Monday nights. They're BYO only though - so make sure you take-your-own tequila for margeuritas or slammers, or red wine to add to the delicious non-alcoholic sangrias they make. The BYO thing makes even more sense to the budget-conscious diner, so it's a double win effectively and we all need a double win at the moment. 100% recommended Sunday or Monday night out. To check out their review click here.


At Perry Lane becomes "Weekend Cafe" Only


When your soul is truly creative, you don't want to be waiting on tables six days a week. Hence this latest message from Chris Davies, owner of At Perry Lane:


Just wanted to let everyone know that there are some exciting changes happening At Perry Lane.

We will be trading exclusively as Paddington's weekend cafe on:
Friday 8am to 5pm
Saturday 8am to 5pm
Sunday 9am to 5pm.


We are having more live music on weekends and of course we are still BYO if you fancy a bevvy.


The space is being used throughout the week for other ventures. We have a 'Life Drawing' Art Class that will be commencing in around 3 weeks and also Tarot, healing and Reiki classes or appointments/ readings will take place on a permanent basis.


We will still continue to have our Art Exhibitions & Launches with some interesting exhibits coming up shortly along with private functions and parties as usual.

We also have a theatre show and 'live mic night' in the making which will be a hoot!

If you have any questions or queries, just give us a shout.

...At Perry Lane.


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The Easter Bunny Visited Perry Lane in Paddington


15/4/09: The above photo shows that even at that notoriously dead time for cafes and restaurants, known as Easter, some places were cookin' in the crowd department.


Such was the case at our May 2009 Cafe of the Month, At Perry Lane in Paddington.


Only opened two months ago, this is a fantastic cafe run by the extremely affable Chris Davies and his delightful mum, Gillian Morris.


At Perry Lane is the sort of place which dissolves all jealousy towards the Melbourne cafe scene. With someone like Chris at the helm, you're glad to be living in Sydney, no doubt about it.


“No coffee can be good in the mouth that does not first send a sweet offering of odor to the nostrils.” - Henry Ward Beecher.


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Sydney Cafe Biz Expo


21/4/2009: Café Biz is a great annual industry expo targeting café owners and their staff and people looking at entering this exciting industry. Café Biz will be held again this year at Royal Randwick Racecourse in the Randwick Pavilion. Randwick is a great location with plenty of free parking making easy access to an event close to the city.

Cafe Biz 09 is looking to be another action packed event that will show a positive light on the growing industry even in these predicted quiet economic times. The mood for all involved has been far from doom and gloom, as the Australian café and coffee industry is showing strong growth figures as consumers switch to the casual café lifestyle to be entertained. This is a real positive and Café Biz is getting behind the industry again with Café Biz 09 being innovative with the expo format.

This years Café Biz 09 will be a good reflection of where the industry is heading with lots of new products and services on display in the Randwick Pavilion on the 3rd and 4th of May. Café Biz has been the starting point for many Café owners who have attended the event over the last seven years to educate and motivate themselves and their staff.

There will be a terrific line up of free workshops in all areas of the café business to help the café owner make more profit out of these complex businesses. This year may be a tough one for some so it’s the perfect time to start working on your business. Café Biz organizers KISS Marketing have brought in many industry experts who will be looking at subjects like marketing, finance and cost controls workshops.

The coffee side of Café Biz is also well represented with world class barista Champions such as world number two David Makin who will be conducting a Barista Course for those who want to be the best in their craft. We also have the pleasure of the presence of coffee educator Jill Adams from the William Angliss Coffee School in Melbourne who will be conducting a coffee sensory course.

Café Biz will again host some of the industries most prestigious coffee and beverage competitions such as the Da Vinci Trans Tasman Barista Championships which consists of a competition between Australia’s best barista’s up against the finest from New Zealand. Another fun event is the Pura Latte Art competition which will bring out the best latte artists in the nation who are all competing for the two thousand dollar prize pool. This competition has been the proving place for all three Australian bred World Latte Art Champions. This years Coffee Chain Challenge will be staged in the Café Biz arena hosting teams from all of the large coffee chains around Australia. The coffee chain is an event that puts into play a typical busy café scenario where teams of baristas need to work together to produce consistent coffee, judged on taste and presentation.

Other beverage competitions that will be hosted at this years Café Biz are the Tea Infusion Challenge and the Café Cocktail Competition. These new events are starting to create interest for a new age of competitors raising the profile of these profitable café revenue areas.

This year there is over 100 new products and services on display including a home coffee machine area which has been set up for the launch of KISS Marketing’s new release of The Home Coffee Machine Review.

All of the event highlights can be viewed at the Café Biz website. www.cafebiz.net


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Nonna's Bringing Home The Bacon


21/4/2009: Consumers these days are increasingly interested in quality products that use Australian "real ingredients” for flavour, nutrition and value for money.


Nonna’s Gourmet Sausages & Deli has just announced it has become the official NSW distributor of award-winning Bok’s Bacon, Tasmania’s leading dry-cured bacon and smallgoods manufacturer.


“These unique products complement our existing range of gourmet sausages,” said Nonna’s Sales Director, Andrew Lupton. “Plus, on a more personal note, dry-cured bacon is what I remember growing up with as a child and it is not something you often see any more”.


Boks Bacon Managing Director Marcus Boks said he was excited to have Nonna’s on board. “When I met with Andrew I could feel a synergy between our companies,” Marcus said. “I felt Nonna’s was a company I would like to be associated with and look forward to our future relationship and mutual growth.”
Boks bacon is a unique product in the smallgoods world. Almost all commercial bacon is brine cured and hot smoke cooked, but not Boks. It is dry-cured and cold-smoked in a traditional woodfire smoker with Tassie oak for a real smoke flavour.

Organic Leatherwood honey from Cradle Mountain in Tasmania’s highlands is also used on one bacon variety for a sweeter unsmoked flavour.


Boks uses no added water during the process – in fact the Boks curing process means that the product LOSES 25% in weight and in doing so, intensifies in flavour. Quite a contrast to modern methods of production, where manufacturers bulk their product with chemical saturated water which in turn ends up in the frying pan as a grey puddle.


And finally, Boks uses Gooralie free-range pork - Queensland’s only RSPCA accredited free-range piggery and producer of the finest pork available for our use.


Nonna’s and Boks have combined to deliver Australians a range of authentic, quality Australian smallgoods that blend traditional flavour with ‘real ingredients” and natural goodness.
Nonna’s products are available throughout Sydney and various points across NSW and at leading retailers including Harris Farm, IGAs, butcherman.com.au and Norton Street Grocer Bondi.


Information on the full range of Nonna’s products is available at www.gourmetsausages.com.au


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Sydney Restaurants Lauded Internationally Again


21/4/2009 Sydney Morning Herald: Tetsuya's restaurant in Sydney is the 17th finest in the world.


In a clean sweep for Sydney, Quay restaurant - the SMH Good Food Guide's restaurant of the year - made its debut on the list coming in at number 46. But chef Peter Gilmore was not at Freemason's Hall in London, as he had been taken to hospital with a suspected kidney stone.


Pier restaurant, Rose Bay, made Sydney's trifecta, appearing for the first time, at number 94 on the secondary, 51 to 100 placings.


Melbourne was unrepresented as last year's entrant, Vue du Monde, fell of the list.


But the S Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurants list further confirms Spain's position at the top of the culinary tree.


El Bulli outside Barcelona in Spain reigns supreme for a second successive year as the World's best restaurant. Owner chef Ferran Adria was in London to hear the announcement.


It will mean yet more pressure for a seat at the restaurant which opens for only six months a year with 7000 diners lucky enough to score a place. It's said about two million people apply for a seat every year.


Organised by UK trade magazine Restaurant, the top 50 award contenders are nominated by 837 judges who include chefs, restaurateurs and industry commentators. Each judge has five nominations with a maximum of three from their own region.


The Top Ten are:

1. El Bulli, Spain.
2. The Fat Duck, UK
3. Noma, Denmark
4. Mugaritz, Spain
5. El Celler de Can Roca, Spain
6. Per Se, US
7. Bras, France
8. Arzak, Spain
9. Pierre Gagnaire, France
10. Alinea, US



“ I bought a decaffeinated coffee table, you can’t even see a difference.” - Author unknown.


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"It was a pleasant cafe, warm and clean and friendly, and I hung up my old water-proof on the coat rack to dry and put my worn and weathered felt hat on the rack above the bench and ordered a cafe au lait. The waiter brought it and I took out a notebook from the pocket of the coat and a pencil and started to write." - Ernest Hemingway.



A Contemporary Secular Religion


To old friends, having coffee allows the space to revisit memories and rekindle fun times shared over the years. And yet there's so much more to this social trend of sitting around funky little cafes with pretty little people absorbing groovy inoffensive little background tunes (cafe music - what a scintillating genre) ...


For on Sunday mornings, instead of being bored stiff in churches, athiests and agnostics from Australia to Argentina prefer to engage in a non-commital form of confession.


In cafes everywhere, societal sinners can confess their "sins" of the week. A mild offence taken here, a raised eyebrow there. Coffee gets the mind going and the lips moving. Out comes the gossip and the soul is cleansed.


In pairs their mutual casual prayers invoke the Goddess Caffeina, cloaked in cappucchino foam she spreads a latte-light across the globe, healing friendships and guiding devotees to a caffeine-addicted nirvana where old mates can strip off their social baggage and dance naked in each other's minds, if only between 10am and midday on a Sunday morn.


“After all, coffee is bitter, a flavor from the forbidden and dangerous realm.” - Diane Ackerman.


It's the non-relationship drink of choice. It's not a date, it's a caffeinated beverage. Okay, sure, it's hot and bitter like a relationship that way, but ... like ..." - Buffy the Vampire Slayer/ Allison Hannigan as Willow.



Coffee has been known to prevent drowsiness and depression - and can act as a temporary muscle relaxant and give provisional relief from arthritic pain. It cleans the system as it contains soluble fibres and acts as a mild laxative. Some studies show it is beneficial in slowing down certain types of cancer such as skin and breast cancer. It's a well known fact that coffee contains antioxidants that are good for the body, some say even the mist emanating from a hot cup has these antioxidants "the equivalent of which are found in oranges".


“Caffeine isn’t a drug, it’s a vitamin” - Author Unknown.


Long term consumption of coffee slows down dementia with more apparent long-term better memory manifested more on women than men. Although there is a tendency to lose certain bone minerals through the diuretic process that coffee drinking is known to amplify.


“Now you'll find out why Ms Sherwood shows up for breakfast, Tom. It's not love, it's my coffee machine.” - The Talented Mr Ripley - Dickie.


Claims have been made that mild to moderate caffeine consumption can increase sensual receptiveness and is more conspicuous on women than on men. It might be a good idea to trade that wine glass and beer bottle for a deliciously sultry coffee mug then, lads - at least on the morning after the night before.


“I think if I were a woman I’d wear coffee as perfume.” - John Van Druten.


Aside from having a very distinguishing and recognisable scent that one can almost taste, the lingering memory of how that hot liquid slowly goes down and spreads its ardor ... enveloping the body with its fierce heat ... is enough to make one find a more comfortable position to enjoy the most of its intensity. It’s like liquid Prozac only more accessible and works a trifle faster.


As with anything else, excessive intake of coffee can prove harmful if not fatal. Yet would take very conspicuous amounts for coffee to be unfavorable. After the body has had its quota of caffeine, it will just secrete out the extra caffeine you've taken in. Voltaire was reputed to have been consuming 50 or more cups of coffee a day. He certainly loved that swirling mist from his bitter and fiery cup of love.


“Actually, this seems to be the basic need of the human heart in nearly every great crisis - a good hot cup of coffee.” - Alexander King.


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“The powers of a man's mind are directly proportioned to the quantity of coffee he drinks.” - Sir James Mackintosh.

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The Dark Express


How do I drink thee? Let me count the ways ...


BRYN TILLY savours the dark soul of that infamous bean ...


"Coffeepot give us peace,

Coffeepot let children grow,

let our wealth swell,

please protect us from evils,

give us rain and grass"

- Ethiopian Prayer


It has many guises - espresso, cappuccino, mochaccino, café latte, macchiato, ristretto, doppio, flat white, etc - that bitter sweet pleasure which is a way of life for so many of us. Yet coffee remains the most popular drug in the world, with 85% of Americans alone using significant amounts of caffeine on a daily basis.


It's the most sought after commodity after oil, which certainly says something about the power and influence of this dark-hued fluid. You may not drink coffee, but you can appreciate just how popular it is. Craving that morning espresso, you may not be so aware of its deep social influence. Sure, the active ingredient caffeine is found in other beverages, such as tea and soft drinks, but there's only one true pure form: coffee. Coffee has been a formidable force in history, and is probably one of the most addictive substances the world has ever known.


In recent years it has become a significant social lubricant. It's almost impossible not to be exposed to its aroma, the taste of it infiltrating everything from ice cream to nouveau cuisine. And caffeine is the only addictive psychoactive substance that is freely available almost everywhere, unregulated, sold without a licence, available in tablet and capsule form, linked to smart drinks, and added to soft drinks aimed at children.


Art of Darkness

In our coffee-driven urban society we take a lot for granted. And for the most part we are served well. Most cafes know how to make a reasonable coffee.


But there is an art to making an espresso and all its variations. Even that simple long black demands respect for the espresso machine, and attention to the packing of the ground coffee beans. Without that 'rats tail' spiralling into the demitasse, your coffee is going to be sub-standard. And in this hyper-demanding urban sophisticate social realm of tonic! tonic! tonic!, the perfect coffee is of the utmost importance.


One mustn't underestimate the disdain that spills forth from unhappy café customers who have been served a too milky latte or an under-frothed cappuccino. Call it coffee café contempt! Without the right brew an over-stressed executive or a disgruntled student may have his or her day fall apart around them. Simply because the coffee made has NOT hit the spot!


The 'Sauce' of Dissent


On the table in front of you it may appear innocuous, but coffee has been responsible for a lot of social upheaval. It was banned for years in Europe for causing the aristocrats and political yes-men much grief. Why exactly was it banned? Because of its ability to make people think. Challenge the status quo. Spark ideas of political revolt. And none of this was happening in the bars. In the bars they were getting drunk on absinthe and playing silly buggers, while in the coffee houses they were getting fired up, wired,plotting, scheming, ready for action!


coffee cafes sydneycoffee sydney australia


A Repugnant History

The world's first coffee lovers were Oromos, a society who lived around 1500 to 3000 years ago in the African kingdom of Kefa. Kefa is perhaps the root of the word coffee, or maybe qahwa, which roughly translates as "to make something repugnant". Originally referring to wine, which made food repugnant, it was then applied to coffee, which made sleep repugnant.


The first mention of a coffee beverage suggests it was brewed from coffee leaves. Kati, or Kotea, is an Ethiopian concoction made of roasting coffee leaves. Amertassa is an earlier version made from freshly picked green leaves and then left to dry in the shade. These two are strong candidates for being the first cup of coffee.


The French, the Dutch and the Ethiopians each styled themselves as the heavies in making coffee the world's most popular drug. But it was the Turks who controlled the port of Mocha (coffee Mecca) during its heyday. And how's this for one of their proverbs:


"Coffee should be black as hell,
strong as death and sweet as love"


As for the beans with which we are more familiar in the western world, there are two basic kinds. The succulent Arabica from East Africa prefers higher elevation, while the fierce Robusta from Zaire grows pretty much everywhere. The social influence of coffee soon spread from the Middle East into Europe and beyond.


Coffee houses were established first in Mecca and Constantinople (1500 and earlier), then into England (Oxford and London 1555 and 1652), across the Channel (Amsterdam and Paris 'mid-1600s and later), to America (Boston and New York late 1600s) and eventually back into the heart of Europe (Berlin 1721).


But it wasn't long before the small cafes were stripped of their coffee-making facilities. Coffee was considered the devil's cup, more insidious than alcohol, and certainly more potent in its socially destructive powers. Which of course only put it in higher demand - just as "Prohibition" caused a surge in alcohol trade.


So is coffee really that dangerous?


Symptoms likely to occur after consumption in excess of 250 mg (2-3 cups): restlessness, nervousness, excitement, insomnia, flushed face, diuresis, gastrointestinal disturbance, muscle twitching, rambling flow of thought and speech, cardiac arrhythmia, periods of inexhaustibility and psychomotor agitation.


For hardcore caffeine lovers, try a Turbo Coke - a shot of espresso in a tall glass over ice topped up with Coca-Cola. Now that's gotta get you goin'!


Things You Probably Didn't Know About Coffee:


- In an espresso (1.5 to 2 oz) there is 100 mg of caffeine. In an instant coffee there can be 50 to 130 mg, and in a drip or percolated coffee there is anything from 75 to 180 mg.

- Acute toxicity leading to death from coffee can occur at levels as low as 50 mg/kg, equivalent to 3.5 grams for a 60 kg person. That's about 35 straight cups of coffee.

- The famous writer and philosopher Voltaire used to consume 50 cups of coffee a day.

- A few years ago a twelve-step program was set up by a group called Caffeine Anonymous in Portland, Oregon, to help junkies kick the habit.

- Workers be warned. That fourth cup of coffee late in the day is not the pick-me-up you think it is. A study has found that drinking more than three-and-a-half cups of coffee a day hurts productivity levels and does not make people more aware - it causes concentration lapses and stress.


More Caffeine Crazed Info ...


- Coffee is the second largest commodity in world trade.

- The human body will absorb 300mg of caffeine. Additional amounts  are excreted and provide no stimulation.

- Coffee is the most popular drink in the world at  over 400 billion cups each year.

- Coffee drinkers have more frequent sex than non-coffee  drinkers and enjoy it more.

- Swedish people drink more coffee than any other nation.  Average 11 cups a day.

- On average, a coffee tree produces 1-2 lbs of coffee beans per year.

- 2.4 billion pounds of coffee are sold per year in the United States.

- One pound of coffee represents 4000 handpicked beans.

- The first Parisian cafe opened in 1689 to serve coffee.

- In the year 1763 there were over 200 coffee shops in Venice.

- Raw coffee beans, soaked in water and spices, are chewed  like candy in parts of Africa.

- The Japanese have been known to bathe in coffee grounds  fermented with pineapple pulp, for reducing wrinkles and improving their skin.

- Coffee sacks are usually made of hemp and it takes over  600,000 beans to fill a coffee sack.


Bryn Tilly is a writer, DJ and culture vulture. For more of his articles check out www.freshmag.com.au or email him via bryntilly@yahoo.com ... and for more info on coffee click here. For Sydney coffee suppliers click here.



The Best of Sydney Coffee

mano espresso staffmano espresso menu



Mano Espresso Bar - Glebe is not All about Grunge


At Mano Espresso they serve Campos Coffee, specifically Campos Superior Blend, made by their qualified and highly skilled baristas. They also have a selection of T2 teas and Chai, as well as freshly squeezed juices. Mano Espresso have recently been awarded four beans in their review in The Coffee Guide Sydney 2009. Certainly in a very short time our experience is that they're already among the best espresso bars in Sydney. Their menu consists of a range of gourmet light meals - toasted pides, soups and their famous spanakopita, and their new addition - delicious steak sandwiches made fresh to order. They also have a range of friands, cakes and muffins to indulge your sweet tooth. For more info, browse their website and feel free to send them your feedback via their contact us page.


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Incas Caffe - the best of Italy right here in Sydvegas


Incas Caffè is a boutique Italian coffee boasting all the qualities a good Italian coffee should have. Since being introduced into Australian cafes only a few years ago, it's fast becoming the brand of choice with coffee connoisseurs. The combination of a rich blend and strong aroma, guarantees a perfect coffee each time. Incas Caffè supply commercial coffee machines, grinders, accessories, POS and complete barista training. To discuss your needs or for more information, contact the office on (02) 9614 0040, email us via sales@incascaffe.com.au or visit us online at www.incascaffe.com.au


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Numero Uno Coffee & Barista Training


100% Rainforest-Alliance certified coffee from Numero Uno is a combination  of three things - coffee, people and passion. They are in business because they  love it - and provide a complete experience that educates, inspires and empowers their customers - while offering superb blends such as their Aria Blend, their Il Vizio Blend and their intensely rich Picasso Blend. Numero Uno supply full barista training with any espresso machines including any domestic range of coffee equipment on-site or at their barista training studio. For more info call Sam or Gina on  (02) 8399 0111, email them via sales@numerouno.com.au or check out their website: www.numerouno.com.au


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