Mano Espresso Bar / Cafe in Glebe Sydney

Mano Espresso Bar

Mano Espresso Bar
Address: 73 St Johns Road, Glebe
Phone: (02) 9566 4499
Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-3pm, Saturday 7.30am -4pm, Sunday 9am-1pm

Mano Espresso in Glebe has recently been taken over by the lovely Tino & Marie Pangallo who personally create a friendly atmosphere, with speedy service to boot!

Tino, having previously been in the fireworks business (you know the fantastic displays you see on such occasions as New Years Eve on the Harbour Bridge?) was ready for a change. Marie shares their story about how Mano “grabbed them like a magnet”. It had been a dream of Marie’s to own her own business in the hospitality industry and when they came across Mano it caught her eye. Marie’s sister had given their son the nickname ‘Little Man’ but because their daughter couldn’t pronounce that, she called him ‘Mano’ – which stuck. So when they came across Mano Espresso in Glebe, they knew it was the business for them.

This 45 (inside), and 10 (outside) seater is filled with natural light and fresh air with a roof that’s almost entirely made of skylights which can be opened and closed according to the weather … a very nice touch indeed which allows for a really expansive and comfortable feel.

You’ll catch Tino at the coffee machine whipping up delicious Campos Coffeeswhile chatting with the regulars, and Marie “on the floor” (vertically at least) satisfying the grumbling brunchtime bellies of their enthusiastic clientele. The menu offers a great range of quick and super tasty Toasted Pide Sandwiches, Soups and Salads, some great breakfasts including their Housemade Baked Beans, the attractive and moreish Yoghurt Muesli Parfait, and also a selection of sweet treats – friands, brownies & cookies to enjoy with your coffee.

If you’re looking to experience more of this dynamic duo’s culinary heritage then don’t go past the Arancini, which is traditional Sicilian saffron rice balls with a savoury centre (ragu – bolognese & mozzarella, or spinach & ricotta) or go for the freshest Bruschetta in Sydney (see pic above-right) – classy trad-Italian food that’s just soooo moist & great for you too. Or for something not too far from their culture, they do a perfect Spanakopita (pictured below-left), not quite the national dish of Greece but close to it.

Beyond the piping-hot best-barista-beverages that Mano Espresso does so well? Well, you must try an iced coffee made with real Campos Coffee, or the delectable and cute Piccolo Affogato (they have the standard size too).

You’ll also find a range of organic Phoenix drinks, Italian sodas,and also fresh juices. Or for absolute hot weather bliss – gelato in all colours …

More good things to come early in 2009, Mano will be sporting a Liquor Licence so you’ll be able to enjoy an afternoon wine or beer – Italian style! So go along and say a big hello to Tino and Marie. You’ll find Mano open 6 days a week: 7am to 3pm Monday to Friday, and 7am to 4:30pm Saturday, and you’ll most likely feel right at home.

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