Hypnotherapy for Binge Eating in a Cafe & Foodie Culture?


Sydney hypnotherapist SANDRA CABOT (NOT the liver-cleansing lady) tackles the tempting challenges of binge eating in a deliciously food-oriented cafe culture society.

One of the most common things discovered when working with clients suffering from the pain of binge eating is that they feel empty, even when they have eaten huge amounts of food.

Through the use of Hypnotherapy and NLP processes, these clients are able to deal with the emotional “emptiness” and the binge eating habits quickly disappear. They realise that they are now in control of their emotions and can replace that “emptiness” with emotional fullness and happiness.

I had a friend who, at social occasions, was always finishing every bit of food that was on the table, after everyone else had ceased to eat. I had observed that her friends often brought up a negative event, which caused the person to suffer and try to fill the emptiness by eating the extra cakes left on the table.

I took a radical approach and asked her to bring her favourite “food” to the session. She arrived, limping and hardly able to put her feet to the ground as she had developed “spurs” on her feet. She was carrying a large cake and a big bag of chocolates. I also had decided to provide a cake. This was an amazing session. She ate a number of slices of cake and talked her way through it, telling me of the painful circumstances she was experiencing.

bondi chai I kept encouraging her to eat during the talking. She ate all of the cake and the chocolates and half the second cake before she finally said she couldn’t fit any more in. During this time, I used my abilities with NLP and open-eye hypnotherapy methods. The next time we were at a social event with her friends talking about the negative situation, she no longer responded and totally ignored what was being said. She no longer stuffed herself to fill the “emptiness”. This treatment was unusual and I have not done this since, but it was appropriate to deal with her acute behaviour around food.

I often find my clients expressing their surprise at how easy it was to overcome this behaviour. One of my clients had tried various treatments without success. She found that my methods were easy and quick, as she no longer felt deprived or empty. My client said “I can’t get over how easy and quickly this has been to have success”.

Going of diets can aggravate this problem. The person devotes every thought to depriving themselves of various types of food, and often reducing the amount they eat too drastically. Eventually they cannot stand it any longer and then resort to binging on the foods they had deprived themselves of. This then becomes a YoYo diet situation, as they invariably think they will have to do it all over again, expecting a different result. It becomes a habit.

Until the client addresses the emotional situations that have driven them to putting on weight, they will continue to suffer. They lose weight then end up bingeing. This results in an even greater weight gain.

What Sandra Says about her Hypnotherapy method for Weight Loss:

This is not a “quick fix” treatment in one hour. This treatment may range from three to six hours as a guide. This change has to be steady and permanent. It is a life change, not a diet.

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