Is there a health risk in your cafe?

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Sometimes in a cafe there’s more than coffee in the air in your favourite bean joint. Toxic fumes from the nearby main road can gather in the stillness, or toxicity from cafe equipment or mould from old buildings – that’s where as CLAIRE FELICES reports, an air purifiers can do the job

“In an underdeveloped country, don’t drink the water; in a developed country, don’t breathe the air”. ~ Changing Times magazine

The modern Aussie loves to go outside be it sunny or rainy, day or night. To just go out and explore what is out there. Most of the time we find our feet take us to our beloved shops, cafes and restaurants for the food, the memories and the ambiance ~ but ambiance is not the same as clean air.

bondi chai Serious business owners know that word of mouth is the best advertising one could hope for. To have one person get sick in your establishment, be it an employee or a customer, is like a tiny pebble that could start an avalanche of disaster. Have you noticed a case of absenteeism from any of your employees? Or perhaps incidences of allergic reactions like asthma attack from patrons? It couldn’t be the food; it was made according to specifications using the freshest ingredients. Your venue has all the proper licenses and health permits to operate, still you wouldn’t want any of your customers getting sick. What could be in the air?

Air pollution does not just happen out doors. The World Health Organization and countless other health agencies have published advisories on the health hazards of Indoor Air Pollution as stealthy contributor to allergies and common respiratory afflictions. The very nature of air to mix easily with air borne chemicals makes air pollution very likely. Compounded with use of cleaning agents and the equipment on a daily basis, these chemicals are then inhaled making those particularly susceptible to respiratory condition trigger an allergic reaction. Without proper action this could also affect employees as their workstation becomes a breeding ground for sickness and ailments as of yet undetected.

The age and condition of the building plays a role as a contributor also. The paint used on it, moulds as a result of daily wear and tear and dust on nooks and crannies that might have a proliferation of dust mites that could produce allergens that commingle in the air we breathe.

Preventive Measures

A periodical check and modifications to go green in building and repairing structures might help in making the workplace a little healthier. An efficient air purifier would be a smart choice to counteract Sick Building Syndrome. Frequent cleaning and maintenance of all Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioner is a must for maximum performance.

It is not just what we see that could be the problem. As a basic need,
breathing clean air beats everything else as we do it all our life. And
wouldn’t it make more sense that people who go out of our business
establishments are not merely nourished and happy but continue to be healthy?

More coffee here please! I love the smell of coffee!

Great to be connecting with you!

Product Profiles – Air Purifiers

The Healthstart Ion70 Air Purifier offers your working environment
and homes etc cutting edge technology, covering a huge area of 70sqm, using a 9 stage system. It’s energy efficient and no matter where they are used the Ion 70 Air Purifier components, integrated into the ventilation systems, provide the very best room climate.

The Hybrid ion-25 germicidal air purifier actively draws in household and workplace air and helps remove dust, smoke, pollen, bacteria and mould from the air you, your family and your staff breathe everyday. Cleaner, healthier air all year round with very little running costs. This air purifier features UV germicidal protection, a HEPA filter system, and an ultra-quiet built in fan to capture and neutralise a host of harmful airborne pollutants, bacteria and viruses.

Breathe in… breathe out… Doesn’t it feel good?

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