Solar Power Rebates Unlike The Sun, Not Here Forever

Solar Power Rebates

Eco Entrepreneur Helen Blum is passionate about the great opportunity that currents exists for consumers to take up solar power rebates …

The amount of energy from the sun that reaches Earth each day is enormous. All the energy stored in Earth’s reserves of coal, oil, and natural gas is equal to the energy in just 20 days of sunshine. Most areas in Australia receive enough sunshine to make solar energy practical.

It makes sense then to use the Sun’s energy to generate electricity for your home or business and be less reliant on fossil fuels.

The cost of electricity will keep increasing over time so by installing a solar PV system on your roof you are helping to reduce or completely eliminate your electricity bill.

Helen Blum, Director of Outback Solar Solutions, says that it has never been so affordable and practical to own a solar PV system.

“It’s important to buy a quality PV system as you benefit in several ways,” she says. “The first is that you will be able to generate more electricity over time with a quality system due to its increased performance.

“Cheaper PV systems end up costing you more over time through lost electricity and maintenance issues which can be costly.”

Secondly, by buying a quality system you are buying something that generally lasts longer and therefore has less embodied energy associated with it.

bondi chai Basically, this means all the energy required to make the PV panel. This includes the energy to extract the raw material, transport it to the factory, make the PV panel, transport it to the site where it will be installed and put the PV panel on the roof. It also includes all the indirect energy required, i.e. all the energy required to manufacture the equipment and materials needed to manufacture a PV panel, e.g. trucks, machinery, etc. All have a proportion of their energy invested in that PV panel.

“Making your home or business a greener place is a commitment,” says Helen. “But more than that, it is a learning process and helps to understand the importance of taking care of the environment and out carbon footprint.”

“Working with world-leading component manufacturers, local sales agents, accredited installers and marketing offices, we’re committed to improving the competitiveness and efficiency of solar energy power and developing a sustainable PV industry.”

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