Just what is Reflexology and why should I be doing it?


Saul Khan is a bludger who occasionally writes about restaurants, for the second time this week he has convinced everyone at the office he needs some time off to go and do a review of something which we all know is actually him giving himself leisure time, again.

So lately I’ve been feeling abit tired, nothing serious, just not as much zing in my step. A general lethargy which I cannot entirely place on any one of my activities, though it is well known I have an odd sleeping pattern and perhaps even weirder eating habits.

Let me tell you, being as cool as I like to assume I am, takes alot of practice and dedication, and it just doesn’t come out when I’m not feeling 100%. Suddenly I turn back into that clumsy, sleepy young high school student of yesteryear, and am about as useful as Vegemite mixed with cornflakes.

bondi chai Being a restaurant reviewer is, believe it or not, a very hard task, mentally and physically! So I decided to check myself in for a Reflexology session at Foot Enhance in Sydney’s Inner West. I had heard reflexology is somewhat of a cross between being made healthy once more and a foot massage, which sounded quite pleasing.

I am lead to believe that reflexology works on the principle that different parts of your body can be influenced through certain zones on the feet and hands. By doing whatever they do (I’m clearly no expert) the reflexology practitioner is able to manipulate the points in your feet to bring your body back into balance and into a state of well being.

Upon reaching Foot Enhance I was met by Doris Litzky the head Reflexologist and she was able to explain Reflexology to me with a lot more depth and hopefully I got a better understanding of it which I can pass onto you. Basically it takes the theory that your hands and feet are microcosms of the body as a whole and by working on certain areas of your hands and feet you can positively affect other areas of the body.

To be honest I’m not too sure about all this alternative therapy stuff, some stuff I genuinely believe works, other things I am skeptical of. It all comes down to personal experience for me, I have to go and do it for myself and then after seeing the results (or lack thereof) I can decide for myself whether or not I am a believer.

To be honest I was pretty surprised with Doris’ accuracy, which I confirmed by looking at a number of reflexology charts, but it wasn’t that alone, it was also the fact I could really feel the points in my body which were playing up. I had told Doris I expected one of my shoulders to have a problem, and expected it to be my right shoulder, which had been fractured only a few months prior. It feels fine, but there’s no harm in seeing if there was any unfelt damage lurking away.

In actual fact the reflexology was pointing towards my left shoulder being in some kind of trouble, when Doris was working on my left hand I felt a large knot under the skin which corresponded to my left shoulder, she ended up taking my arm, which had been feeling fine and gently moving it. I suddenly felt a deep twitch within the muscle and realised that I must’ve pulled the arm without even noticing, funnily enough I had spent the night before taking apart an aviary for arachnids which had been quite an interesting task.

The rest of the session was quite straightforward, with Doris working away on my feet, which was hugely relaxing and made me feel quite amazing. Very nice break from working hard eating food in restaurants!

All in all, the session was deeply relaxing and my body felt hugely better for it afterwards, I honestly see that Doris was able to pick up on what was going on with my body through my feet and hands.

I can say with certainty that for those people who are working hard and need a little bit of ‘me’ time, this is the pinnacle of that particular exercise in me-ness.

Don’t say you’re too busy, because that’s generally when you need it most!

To find out stacks more about Reflexology, keep checking back into their website www.tohealth.com.au which has heaps of info as well as details of forthcoming new products. Get yourself a slice of that To Health vibe! Or follow them on Twitter via http://twitter.com/infraredsaunas

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