Breathe Deeply and DETOX

personal sauna

The personal sauna is making a few waves in the healthcare world as people with little time and low inclinations towards social sweating turn up the heat – as our health reporter CLAIRE FELICES reports.

Are personal sauna is the next big thing in healthcare?

The body they say is a temple and as such we should treat it reverently. Being healthy is an ideal concept that everybody strives for as soon as we learn to spell cholesterol correctly. Evidence of this is the magnitude of healthcare and maintenance products and services that are in the market today.

bondi chai This is not to say that to be healthy by choice is a new thing. Some of
the health practices outdate even the oldest books. Ever hear of “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Some say this is in reference to Adam and Eve although it may just be an innocent nursery rhyme.

Still some of the most prevalent of the health practices still exists.
These would include yoga, aromatherapy, herbal medicine and saunas to name a few. It probably wouldn’t have lasted as long if it didn’t have a leg to stand on.

If there’s Smoke.

Sauna is a Finnish word that refers to bath and bathhouses with high heat and/or steam. The first saunas were pits dug on the ground where stones were heated and a chamber was placed above the pit for the steam and heat to get trapped inside. Once they were determined to be hot enough bathers went in to enjoy the intensity and to discover the benefit of the experience. Saunas were very early on designated by communities as places to relax, a peaceful social facility where families could attend. In ost societies saunas or communal steam-rooms and their adjoining bath-houses were considered age-free and gender-free zones.

Early saunas were even more of a spiritual place as they were where many ancient societies prepared their dead and being often sterile and water-abundant places,they were also often a natural option as a place where babies were born. After many years of trade and commerce, saunas spread far and wide and with the dawn of electricity it’s becomemuch easier for thousands more people to enjoy the health and lifestyle advantages of a sauna.

To Your Health

Sauna sessions has been known to provide temporary comfort to the body. Constancy of visits promotes health and weight loss. As the temperature changes, it facilitates the heart to beat faster, regulates body temperature, enlarges the pores and cause the skin to secrete sweat thereby cleansing the body of toxins and impurities. A single sauna session can be equivalent to an hour of brisk walking.

Most people go to saunas to relax, for some it is considered pampering
themselves after a hectic week as it relieves muscle tension even
alleviates pain and helps in more effective blood flow in general.

People with sleeping disorders find that a sauna session can induce better sleep. The steam in a sauna often relieves those with respiratory ailments as cold, bronchitis and the like.

Additional Benefits Include:

Prevents skin breakouts – As the temperature rises it opens up skin pores, and unclogs it of impurities that can cause pimples and acne.

They say that the skin is never as beautiful as 30 minutes after a sauna.

Immunity – the temporary heat on the skin and the rest of the organs can kill some bacteria that persist on a specific range of body temperature. It simulates the fever effect when our body is fighting these micro-organisms.

General wellbeing – As one relaxes in the sauna, one comes out of it
feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and this alone would signal endorphins to start their work as natural pain killers and stress relievers.

The way to health is sure to be paved with a lot of sweating but not
necessarily of hard work. And the skin being the largest organ of the body deserves more than just cosmetics that clog it up. Saunas can help with both.

Ahhh … Doesn’t that feel detoxing?

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