Sydney’s Brides Seeking the Ecstacy

make-up artist Sydney

Are you a budding Sydney brides? In that case, you probably want the best of everything.

bondi chai Asian brides flying into Sydney to get married want the experience of a lifetime – that’s why they’ve chosen Sydney, because for foreigners it’s the definition of romantic perfection.

You also probably simply want this: “make my eyes bigger, face smaller and more feminine”.

For Asian girls, having make-up done by caucasian make-up artist is invariably a disaster.

Life is Short – and Weddings are a One-Off

Japanese make-up artist Emiko knows how to make a rounder Asian girl’s face look thinner, sexier and smaller. Your eyes bigger without looking fake – or using fakery like eyelid tape.

A Fine Technique

It’s a fine technique using your natural freshness and good looks rather than trying to be artificial. Finding the best of your qualities to make you sexier, more gorgeous, elegant and classic – or with a funky edge if you wish for a more playful effect.

Testimonial 1:

Thanks so much Emiko, you made me so cute and beautiful that everyone couldn’t believe the change. You’ve been recommended to all my single friends. ~ Yuko, 27, Lane Cove.

Testimonial 2:

We have the best wedding photos thanks to you – in fact the photographer submitted the photos to a wedding magazine and they were published! My mother can’t stop looking at the photo album. ~ Yvonne, 32, Hong Kong.

To find out more about Emiko’s make-up work – including for formals, family portraits, special events, make-overs, personal indulgence sessions or private make-up artist tutorial contact her via or check out her profile in

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