Far Infrared Saunas – A Bloke’s View

Infrared Sauna

Need to lose some weight because we’re a bad influence on you by writing amazing food reviews?

SAUL KHAN is a cheeky chap who occasionally writes about restaurants, but this time he skived off to “review” a Far Infrared Sauna – an activity which we all knew was simply granting himself some leisure time.

bondi chai Working as a food reviewer is not always kind on the health, in fact some people might go so far as to call me ‘festively plump’ which is my wording and not their rather crueler alternatives. Personally I love all little escapades into the fine world of food and wouldn’t trade it for all the tea in Chinatown.

I don’t want to give up any of my favourite foods … little pork buns, big manly steaks, deep dish pizzas and my fried southern chicken, just as I don’t want to do away with my rather copious naughty water consumption. But I do want to lose some weight, and I will tell you no two ways about it, I am just a smidge lazy, it’s my thing, I’m very bear like, all feasting and hibernating and relaxing.

I like to think of myself in fact as a brown bear of bodily bliss, and as always I try to find the easy solution to any problem if it exists, and usually I can sniff it out. All part of being more animal than man.

Now my mind went through the motions and I came up with numerous ideas, one being going to the sauna. It seemed to be one of the only options involving not running long distances, but i was vaguely uneasy about sitting in a steamy room with a bunch of overweight, hairy, older men. Until I found out about mini saunas which can fit inside your house as a sort of mini room, obviously they’re easy to assemble and all the rest so no problems there, plus I could literally wake up in the morning take 5 steps and be in my sauna already!

Obviously one doesn’t just go running around buying miniature sauna rooms for their house though does one, at least not until I’ve tested one, and researched it further.

So firstly, what I was looking at was not a normal sauna, it was a FAR infrared sauna. Basically this means it’s more efficient, using ceramic plates to heat the room rather than steam, these plates release non harmful infrared waves which heat the body rather than the air and it makes the temperature far more controllable. Rather than some instances where I’ve just thrown water onto the hot coals as much as I pleased and then paid for it by burning up! It also means less energy is used as heat which means it is very cheap to operate, and good for the environment, which are big ticks in my book.

I also did some research showing that because infrared waves resonate at a similar frequency to the water content of the human body, harmful toxins which are playing hide and seek in your body by attaching themselves to water molecules are more easily released as the vibrations cause the molecular bonds between the water and the toxins to break up. Bit of a science lesson there, but it means that you lose a higher percentage of toxins compared to traditional saunas when undergoing this kind of therapy. So some more big ticks there.

I was actually fortunate to find a friend who had one that was made by a company called To Health By Choice, and after a very relaxing session and a bit more research I can say this is the brand I would definitely be putting my seal of approval on. Though To Health By Choice probably wouldn’t appreciate me running around with a roll of gold stickers stating that Saul approves this product, even though they might, it’s probably a waste of some gold stars.

I wasn’t sure about how this thing would work at first, or even if it would cause me to even break a sweat, but after a short time I had that sexy glistening look. Fast forward another 10 minutes and I had that cat who’s been outside in a wild storm look. I was raining like I was some sort of drastic thundercloud, and it felt pretty good too!

However like any sauna it was nice to jump out and feel the cool air again, that after all is one of the best parts of a infrared sauna, escaping from it. That balance between hot and cold, the relief after purging your bodies toxins with heat.

You know I almost wrote this article in my little white sauna towel, but felt it inappropriate as my friend is giving me odd looks, what can I say, I’m one for disguises and dress-ups, Sauna Man to the rescue!

Except I’m thinking sauna man should be my day to day personality and I should drop the superhero thing. Just being Sauna guy would give me enough pleasure after this experience.