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If You’re Ordering a Chai, Order Bondi Chai

Bondi Chai

An ‘almost addictive’ blend of milk, black tea, honey, vanilla and ‘comfort’ spices selling well in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Tasmania, Perth and Darwin, Bondi Chai is now also available in over 800 Woolworths stores across Australia. But its heartland remains the cafe scene where it aims to be an ubiquitous product where customers won’t ask for a ‘chai latte’, they’ll ask for Bondi Chai. Cafes and restaurants who have stocked it for years have noticed that chai fans come back for it year after year – this is a beverage which will not go out of style. Now very strong on instagram, twitter and facebook due to effective outsourced social media management Bondi Chai is also selling very well into Europe with a European HQ in Amsterdam.

Let It Be The Dcider


They came, they tasted, they decided. Such was the party-fever frenzy that the freshly-launched apple cider company Dcider brought to Taste of Sydney as they audaciously launched themselves on the Sydney stage. With a boldly pink label capturing the imagination of revellers during the Sydney Mardi Gras, Dcider’s delightfully refreshing taste offers a genuinely upbeat challenge to young folk stuck in an alcopop rut. Vivacious campaigns on instagram,twitter, facebook and pinterest by their savvy social media managers have seen Dcider become the buzzdrink on everybody’s lips from the hardened art-gallery set to glamorous models at venues such as Beachhaus in Potts Point, Posto No 19 Cafe-Restaurant in Rushcutters Bay and the take-home stay-home North Shore crew picking it up from The Oaks bottle shop. Dcider’s been a massive hit at the Newtown Hotel with the regular Wednesday-night lesbian Snapback event boosting sales with an ongoing Dcider promotion. For more info on where to get Dcider check out their Pinterest page, or to order cases online for your next party go to

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Cooler in Summer

Summer Comfort

In Australia we have the best summer weather in the world, and it’s no wonder we love spending as much time as possible out in it. But there are times when the heat can stop even the most intrepid sun lover. Now there’s a solution. With the new Coolworks Coolfan or fixed Fogging Unit your outdoor entertaining areas can be transformed into a comfortable and refreshing environment for everybody to enjoy, more often. As a hospitality professional your paramount concern for the success of your business is the comfort and wellbeing of your patrons. By cooling down outdoor areas over summer you’re providing the perfect cool and relaxing environment. Coolworks’ fogging units are the perfect solution providing comfortable outdoor areas for your patrons to enjoy. Whether it’s an on-street café or an outdoor beer garden, Coolworks can design an outdoor cooling system that’s perfect for your business, big or small. P: 1300 763 141