How to Get Rid of Mould in your Home or Office


Some stuff on cleaning mould, mouldy smells and humidity, as well as an insight into the ultimate mould-smashing technology, machines called dehumidifiers, which take the moisture out of humid air so preventing outbreaks of mould – very popular with art galleries, film archives, museums, libraries and bookstores, hotels and motels and anyone whose house is prone to dampness or mould, protecting kids health, clothes, artworks, documents, books, you name it.

Nearly everyone who lives in a house or unit has at some time had to clean up mould or mildew. Most of us find it an unpleasant job to say the least – smelly, dirty, gets up your nose, can even give you a headache and in some cases may even make you angry and depressed.

Cleaning mould can be little more than an annoying time waster or it can be a life threatening exercise, it all depends how you personally are affected by mould.

A few facts about mould. Mould is a higher life form than humans. A bit scary, don’t you think? It’s been around millions of years longer than we have, even longer than your great Uncle Bert. In fact 25 % of the earth’s mass is made up of mould, and without it we would be in a pretty sorry state. Mould cleans up our rubbish, mould lives on our skin and keeps it healthy, mould is pretty well everywhere, in fact in most cases we can’t live without it.

However, when it has perfect conditions, and/or is neglected, mould will grow exponentially and soon reach levels dangerous to us. When these high levels of mould infestation are reached, it turns from being our friend to our enemy.

You need to handle the cleaning of this excessive mould growth with care. If you discover small areas of mould growing, you can handle the cleaning yourself armed with the right cleaning solutions and some common sense.

If you discover a large mould growth, anything over say 10 metres in size, you would be wise to call in the experts. Moisture Cure has the technical knowhow, qualifications and experience to successfully decontaminate excessive mould contamination, in both domestic and commercial areas.

You don’t have to be able to see mould to know you have it growing. If you can smell it you have it. If you are getting headaches or feeling slightly off colour or even feeling tense, angry and depressed, it’s likely you have an excess of mould that is unhealthy.

Another unpleasant fact about mould; it’s very hard to kill. Most of the recognized brands of so-called mould killers or mould removers only succeed in lightening mould so you think it’s been removed. All you are really doing is bleaching the colour from it and in a few weeks time it will colour up again and be back just as strong.

bondi chai Mould can grow in a variety of situations including under ice and snow but it particularly likes growing in dark, humid conditions. This is why mould loves growing in homes that are locked up tight, not allowing natural breezes to flow through. We suggest ventilating inside your home and letting as much sunlight as much as possible. By ventilating we mean opening windows and doors whenever you are home and pulling your curtains and blinds back to let plenty of fresh air and sunshine in, this will create less than ideal conditions for mould to grow in. If you find you still have mould growing, you may need to consider installing a dehumidifier from Moisture Cure.

Moisture Cure dehumidifiers are specialised drying machines that extract excess moisture from anywhere it may be hiding, eg. in your carpet, furniture, paintings, bedding, timber, leather goods, in fact mould is the perfect opportunist in that it will grow and flourish on just about any surface. It is always seeking moisture to feed on and will even cross glass to get to something holding the moisture it is seeking.

Don’t forget about the sub-floor. This area may not be visible but it still needs to be kept dry and well ventilated to avoid dampness, mould and other nasty problems. Often a powered ventilation system is required to get adequate air movement and replacement. Moisture Cure can also help you select and install the best system for your sub-floor.

To find out more about Moisturecure dehumidifiers, check out their great website which has heaps of information as well as details of their amazing moisture-trapping mould-killing products. Or follow them on Twitter via

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