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Looking for Celebrity Spotting Cafes, Restaurants & Wine Bars in Sydney? Where Do The International Celebrities Dine? Paris Hilton can be found at Zeta Bar, Justin Bieber fans might wish to head to Bondi Icebergs or Aria. If you spot a celebrity out dining tweet us @sydneycafes and we’ll let their fans know …

Bondi Icebergs
1 Notts Ave Bondi Beach NSW 2026
02 9130 3120
An authentic dining experience awaits customers at Bondi Icebergs with their amazing and one of a kind facilities and amenities. The Bondi beach location is a very relaxing place for your family and friends to experience as well as try out their huge variety of dishes. This is great if you have a free time over the weekend or during holiday vacation. This is the reason why a lot of celebrities such as Sienna Miller, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, Pink, Michael Clarke and Oprah visit Bondi Icebergs during their visits at Sydney.

21 Yurong Street (Cnr Stanley St) East Sydney, NSW 2010
02 9360 4558
Italian restaurant offer a unique and authentic dining experience and this is my many individuals travel to distant places just to try out their Italian cuisine. With that said, it is good to hear that more and more Italian restaurants are expanding their reach globally. Sydney was able to get their fair share of Italian restaurants. Beppi’s is one of the oldest Italian restaurants established in Sydney making them quite popular to the locals. Big time celebrities make their visits at Beppi’s during their travel because of its popularity.

Café Sydney
5th Floor, Customs House 31 Alfred Street Circular Quay, NSW, 2000
02 9251 8683
A great harbour view at the heart of the metro located at Café Sydney. Café Sydney sits at the top of Customs House at Circular Quay. The view is indeed at sight to behold making the overall dining experience authentic and unique from the rest. There is no question that a lot of celebrities have indeed visited Café Sydney because of their pleasing atmosphere and view alone. With that said, their dishes are great and delicious as well.

Harry’s Café de Wheels
Corner Cowper Wharf Roadway & Brougham Road Woolloomooloo, NSW 2011
02 9357 3074
One really has to think outside of the box when they decide to look for celebrities. You might be surprised to see celebrities out in the open enjoy their meal in the streets. Harry’s Café de Wheels has indeed had their fair share of the spotlight with regards to famous celebrities. They offer food on the go which makes it very convenient for a short trip and visit. You can head over and scout some famous celebrities on a random occasion.

Manta Seafood Restaurant
6 Cowper Wharf Road Woolloomooloo NSW 2011
02 9332 3822
Restaurants situated in Woolloomooloo Wharf are home to many great celebrity eateries. This is because tons of options are available when one chooses to spend their evening in there. The Wharf at Woolloomooloo is overall an incredible melting pot for celeb spotters with the likes of China Doll, Manta, Kingsleys and OTTO the go-to place for every visiting celebrity. A variety of international and oriental restaurants wow upmarket diners which makes dining here a stellar adventure. Manta Seafood Restaurant for example, serves a huge selection of seafood dishes fresh on a daily basis. Famous celebrities have indeed visited Woolloomooloo Wharf and Manta Seafood Restaurant tops their list for Aussie tucker.

Watts on Crown
368 Crown Street Surry Hills NSW 2010
02 8068 0461
It should be noted that celebrities dine in the best restaurants available out there. In Sydney, Watts on Crown is a warm and relaxing place to stay and dine with your friends. They serve different types of dishes from breakfast to dinner giving customers tons of options available when they choose to dine in Watts on Crown. Their menu changes on a regular basis making the overall experience worthwhile. Who knows perhaps on your next visit your will spot a celebrity?

Muum Maam
Shop 1/50 Holt St Surry Hills NSW 2010
02 9318 0881
Celebrities are always looking something quite new and different with regards to their dining experience. They may try oriental dishes on a few occasions. The Thai cuisine is quite a popular dining option of choice because of their distinct taste and flavors. Muum Maam serves a variety of Thai inspired dishes that can satisfy the cravings of their customers for an authentic dish. Add Muum Maam as list to your dining options and you may see celebrities eating their as well.

65 Ocean Street Woollahra NSW 2025
02 8388 8688
People love to drink as way to relax and unwind from a stressful and tiring day. Celebrities also love their fair share of cocktail drinks to ease their tension away. Chiswick is an ideal place to visit when one is looking for a huge variety of cocktail list using fruits and herbs from the garden. After a healthy and scrumptious meal, you can decide to spend the rest of the evening at Chiswick with tons of options available with their drinks.

Level 1, 330 George Street, Sydney, 2000
02 9254 8100
The Ivy is your one stop shop for everything dining related. You can bring your friends not only to dine but also have a wonderful evening. They have an amazing selection of dishes served fresh on a regular basis. With that said, other side activities are available at The Ivy has many bars, restaurants and even a ballroom. This is the reason why The Ivy has celebrities visiting them on a few occasions because they are able to enjoy the rest of the evening there.

Bar H
80 Campbell St Surry Hills
02 9280 1980
A mix of modern and oriental style of dishes awaits hungry eaters at Bar H. Restaurants that offers a huge variety of food selection that is inspired by different cultures and cuisines are great places for celebrities to visit. Bar H is indeed one of the Hot Spots found at Sydney. Japanese and Chinese menu are available at any given time to their customers making every trip worthwhile. Pair these with authentic wine for a fulfilling meal that you and your friends can enjoy.

Fratelli Paradiso
12 – 16 Challis Ave, Potts Point, NSW 2011
02 9357 1744
One of the best and busiest restaurants in Sydney, Fratelli Paradiso is an Italian restaurant which gets regular visits from the locals in Sydney. They serve lunch & dinner as well as breakfast meals making their restaurant available throughout the course of the day. They also have tons of variety of desserts and wines available for consumption at any given time. Because of their busy environment you might bump in with celebrities without you even noticing it. So keep your eyes peeled!

The Apollo
44 Macleay Street, Potts Point Sydney, NSW, 2011
02 8354 0888
Experience Modern Greek inspired cuisine with a touch of authentic and distinct restaurant setting found at The Apollo. The place is indeed an amazing sight to behold giving it a very unique dining look and feel to their customers. Celebrities are always looking for such experience during their travels and The Apollo restaurant has gained a number of followers and fans making it a great place to visit and stay. Enjoy their huge variety of meals from Greek styled BBQ chicken to their Grilled pork radicchio.

Orto Trading Co
38 Waterloo St, Surry Hills
0431 212 453
Customers would love to dine at a restaurant whose menu changes in every occasion. Orto Trading Co makes the needed adjustment to their dishes to keep them relevant and always up to date. Their winter 2014 breakfast and lunch menu is available for viewing today and you can find a lot of variety with the dishes that they offer. Celebrities do love restaurants that update their meals every now and then as this makes their trip very worthwhile. Visit them today.

175 Victoria Street, Potts Point NSW 2011
02 9361 3884
No dining experience is complete without its complementary beverages. Customers as well as celebrities do look for restaurants that have a huge selection of wines for them to relax and unwind. You can find such place at Bootleg with their tons of options regarding their wine list. This along with their meatball specialty with salads and sides turns your meals into a filling and scrumptious evening. Have your bloody martini or a classic martini ready when you visit them today.

79 Hall Street Bondi Beach NSW 2026
02 8412 0700
Celebrities are of course drawn by their celebrities as well. Celebrity chefs and their respective restaurants are great places to spot a celebrity. Bill Granger the founder of Bills is a quite famous Chef with his signature dishes and recipes available for consumption to customers on a regular basis at his restaurants. Bills served breakfast, lunch and dinner to their guests as well as a huge variety of drinks to complement their meals. Also available are smoothies, juices, shares, and frappes.

11 Bridge St, Sydney NSW 2000
02 9252 1888
Another famous celebrity chef is Neil Perry who is one of Australia’s leading and most influential chefs. Such name does indeed bring a lot of popular celebrities in the table with regards to the restaurant that he is handling. This increase the chances of customers spotting famous celebrities at Rockpool while at the same time experience amazing and top class dining experience. Enjoy a huge variety of menu under different categories to give you a different and distinct experience in every visit.

Located at Circular Quay, on the very edge of Sydney Harbour
02 9240 2255
Matt Moran is quite a famous celebrity chef in Australia. He appeared in several TV show hosting and has made 2 cookbooks featuring recipes from Aria. His name is indeed well established making his restaurants a popular place to visit not only to customers but other celebrities as well. They serve a variety of dinner and lunch menu for their guests to enjoy. A huge wine list also awaits their customers during their visits at Aria. Bring your friends with you today.

Red Lantern
Red Lantern on Crown – 545 Crown Street Surry Hills & Red Lantern on Riley – 60 Riley St Darlinghurst Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia 2010
02 9698 4355
A popular restaurant to visit with Luke Nguyen serving healthy and scrumptious meals on a regular basis to their customers found at Red Lantern. Red Lantern has dozens of awards and recognition that they’ve received which makes them a popular dining option of choice to the local audience. Tourists and travelers also love to visit Red Lantern which also makes it a possible target for celebrities to dine and enjoy their evening. Red Lantern is great for groups of parties.

The Darling
The Star, 80 Pyrmont Street, Pyrmont NSW 2009 Australia
02 9777 9000
Those elusive celebrities who prefer to stay at hotels during their travels and trips are quite hard to spot. The Darling is a popular hotel in Sydney that offers a lot of side activities to their guest. Dining, spa, nightlife, casinos and a lot more are available at The Darling making it a very popular place to visit and stay. Celebrities do love these activities making The Darling an all around place which you and your friends can stay.

Cafe Giulia
92 Abercrombie St Chippendale
02 9698 4424
Breakfast is a very important meal of the day. People who wish to spot celebrities in Sydney should not overlook as breakfast can also be a good time to find popular celebrities as well. Hot drinks, fresh juices, smoothies, muffins & pastries and more await customers during their visits at Cafe Giulia. Have a taste of their popular Tuscan toast and breakfast muffins as well as bacon egg rolls. Enjoy your breakfast while waiting to spot a celebrity today.

Ms. G’s
155 Victoria Street Potts Point, 2011
02 9240 3000
Enjoy a scrumptious and healthy Asian at Ms. G’s as they create mouth-watering dishes for you and your family to enjoy. Ms. G’s offer lunch, dinner and banquet menu available at any given time. For large events and special occasions, Ms. G’s function rooms and group bookings is perfect for private gatherings. Ms. G’s also has an exclusive use feature with a capacity of serving up to 100 people. You will most likely see celebrities dining at Ms. G’s today.

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