Best Pizza in Sydney


A pizza shop in the city of Sydney that you can enjoy with all the frills and luxury of a fine dining restaurant.

Arthur’s Pizza
260 Oxford St Paddington Ph: 93322220

Arthur’s Pizza is considered to be one of the pioneers when it comes to pizza not just in Sydney but in the whole of Australia. Since it started in the business in 1970, it has continued to attract a large number of loyal customers until this very day. There could be no other reason for this but its array of delicious pizza varieties. Authentic Italian flavors are what customers would enjoy after ordering their pizzas here at a great value. This is why it has captured the hearts of pizza lovers in the city.

Base Pizza Bar
129 Belmore Rd Randwick Ph: 939999099

Pizza fanatics who are worried much over the possibility of becoming fat are fortunate enough to know about Base Pizza Bar. This pizza shop boasts of having a variety of pizzas that are basically free of gluten or are based on non-meat ingredients. Despite the absence of meat and gluten, the pizza bar continues to amaze customers with the fact that their products are still very delicious. The freshest ingredients are also used here by very competent chefs and served by very congenial members of the staff.

Christo’s Pizzeria
224 Glenmore Rd Five Ways Paddington Ph: 93606796

It is in Christo’s Pizzeria that you would be able to enjoy pizza with all the frills and luxury of a fine dining restaurant. Indeed, the restaurant’s interior is enough to convince one to make his visits here a regular feature every week. The design of the interior basically complements the wonderful flavors of the pizza varieties that it prepares for the guests. This makes Christo’s one of the most popular pizza restaurants in the city, one that deserves being visited as often as possible.

Danny’s La Bussola
324 Victoria St Darlinghurst Ph: 93314287

Danny’s La Bussola may seem anything but modest when it says that it is not simply a neighborhood pizzeria. However, there is really truth in its declarations and the customers who have been coming back for more of its pizzas would attest to this. Indeed, it is here that you would be able to enjoy some of the finest pizzas that Sydney has to offer to its locals and visitors. Aside from the pizzas, Danny’s La Bussola also offers a number of culinary delights too.

440 New South Head Rd Double Bay Ph: 93629952

It cannot be denied that the Domenico’s has been a name that is synonymous to delicious pizza. Actually, it is very famous for take outs and deliveries. Once ordered, its personnel make it a point to deliver the pizza at the soonest possible time, arriving at the place of the customer while it is still hot and fresh. For those who like to eat here, Domenico’s has outdoor seating. This allows customers to enjoy the breeze while enjoying slices of pizza.

Eastern Suburbs 290 Campbell Parade North Bondi Ph: 93655000

There is no other pizza shop in the city of Sydney that declares that all its recipes are unique. This is the reason why many are curious about what Doughboy has to offer. The truth though is that indeed this restaurant grants its customers an amazing adventure of culinary delights, particularly in the world of pizzas. But even as this restaurant makes it a point to be unique, it sees to it that the ingredients used for its pizzas are locally sourced and are guaranteed to be fresh.

Gottie’s Italian Pizzeria & Woodfired Pizzeria
Erskine Park Shopping Centre, Swallow Drive Erskine Park Ph: 96701800

For being in the business for a decade already, you could surely expect Gottie’s to be where you could get some of the best pizzas in town. After all, those years of experience should have provided the restaurant with enough time to make the perfect pizza. The restaurant now offers a range of pizza flavors that could satisfy a great number of people, from those who are conservative in terms of taste to those who are more adventurous. This makes Gottie’s special to many Sydney residents.

Lily’s Restaurant, Bar and Function Centre
162 Prospect Highway, Seven Hills Ph: 88185555

The first thing that may impress a customer once he gets inside Lily’s Restaurant is the design of the interior. Indeed the atmosphere here is quite welcoming. Not only is the place comfortable; it is also very elegant. However, this is not what customers come for. It is the food that is largely influenced by classic Italian cuisine. For those who love pizzas though, Lily’s also rises to the challenge. It is known for making very delicious wood-fired gourmet pizzas.

Mario Brothers
314 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest Ph: 99665551

Mario Brothers is known for its great-tasting pizzas. Aside from this, the location of its restaurant is considered to be a plus factor that contributes much to its popularity. The seating inside is regarded by many of its customers as very comfortable. The manner that the staff serves the guests is another advantage. Of course, all these would not have mattered if the pizzas that it offers are anything but delicious. It is a fact though that the pizzas are the main reasons why people keep coming back.

Novo Pizzeria
6 Cowper Wharf Rd Woolloomoolloo Ph: 93687488

People who wish to go to Wharf Road and catch a glimpse of the nice scenery here may want to grab a bite. Novo Pizzeria should be the easy choice when it comes to this. After all, it is considered to have the best pizza in this side of town. Whether it is pizza or pasta, Novo Pizzeria could surely provide the solution to the appetite. The pizzas here could go best along with the wines that the restaurant also offers.

Pizzeria Rio
12 Fitzroy St Kirribili Ph: 99224744

If you take a look at the menu of Pizzeria Rio, you would surely say that there is really nothing here that you could not find in other pizza shops in the city. Because of this, you may have second thoughts about trying the place out. You are absolutely wrong for such impression. The truth is that this restaurant guarantees the delectable pizzas that you would surely love. Aside from the many pizza varieties that it sells, it also offers customers with delicious side dishes.

Pompei’s Pizza Bondi
Cnr Roscoe and Gould, Bondi Beach Ph: 93651233

You may have never thought that you could enjoy a meal of Northern Italian cuisine while watching the view of the famous Bondi Beach. Such an experience would not seem possible unless you give yourself the chance to try Pompei’s Pizza in Bondi. Indeed, it is here that you would be able to eat the finest pizzas done in the Northern Italian style. After a hearty meal of pizzas and pasta, you could also give yourself a treat of gelato.

The Pig & The Olive
71a Macleay St Potts Point Ph: 93573745

The Pig & the Olive is a restaurant that is more famous for its traditional Mediterranean cuisine. However, it has recently gained popularity also because of its pizzas. Apparently, it is the Sicilian and Italian influences that made its pizzas quite appealing to the customers. Since these are gourmet pizzas, customers are definitely given a treat of carefully prepared and definitely more exquisite tasting goodies that are Italian in origin. The place itself is also another outstanding feature that continues to attract guests.

The Wood Fire Pizza Company
308 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest Ph: 94393113

Just by the name itself, you could already tell that The Wood Fire Pizza Company specializes in making pizzas with more natural flavors still intact. This is indeed what you would get if you order a pizza here. Aside from the smoky flavor and the homely quality of the pizzas that this restaurant serves, you would also get to enjoy the wonderful way that the attendants serve the guests. This is another good reason why you should try this place out.

Young Alfred
31 Alfred St, Sydney Ph: 92515192

Young Alfred is basically a restaurant and bar just like many others that exist in Sydney. It serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is fast becoming a favorite of couples who want to grab a bite together and of groups of people who may want to have a meeting over lunch or dinner. However, those who have come to this restaurant have surely heard about how amazing the pizzas here. This is the reason that many guests have made it a point to order pizzas as well.

Zachary’s Gourmet Pizza Bar
28-30 Bayswater Rd Kings Cross Ph: 93804500

Zachary’s Gourmet Pizza Bar is already a name in the pizza world in Sydney. Genuine pizza lovers in the city definitely know about this and they could surely find their way to the restaurant very easily. This could only be attributed to the fact that this indeed makes some of the most delicious pizzas in the city. A unique feature is that this is basically a bar where people could socialize with drinks in hand. However, for those whose hunger or appetite demands food, the pizzas are ready for the taking.

Lucio Pizzeria
248 Palmer St Darlinghurst Ph: 93323766

Since it is founded and owned by someone who had been trained in one of the best culinary schools in Italy, people could only expect Lucio Pizzeria to be really good at making its customers happy. Indeed, this pizzeria makes its pizzas rich with unique flavors in Napoli, Italy. This makes the restaurant special even to the most discriminating pizza fanatics. With a wide variety of wines at its disposal, guests could surely enjoy their pizzas with the right drinks.

Il Grappolo Cucina e Pizzeria
1/41 Terry St Rozelle Ph: 98103355

Il Grappoli Cucina e Pizzeria promises to make things simple for its customers. However, it also makes sure that the taste buds really get to enjoy the flavors that this restaurant has created. It prepares its pizzas using only the freshest ingredients. Most of these are sourced locally. The most outstanding feature is the liberal use of pizza cheese that further enhances the taste of its creations. The chefs behind the success of the restaurant are experts themselves that guarantees satisfaction.

Zapparellis Pizza
2066 Lane Cove, Sydney Ph: 94203131

If you want to taste Zapparellis Pizza, you do not really have to go to its restaurant. The better option would be to order a pizza and to have it delivered to your place. The prompt delivery would provide you the chance to eat its bestselling delights even while it is hot, like it has just been removed from the oven. The good thing about this is that you could actually place the orders through the internet. You just have to visit the website.

Pizza Olla
130 Pacific Highway, Roseville Ph: 94161411

True-blue and patriotic Australians would be delighted to know that Pizza Olla only uses 100 percent Australian-made olive oil. This is actually one of the key reasons why this restaurant has managed to develop a loyal client base through the years. After all, the olive oil that is locally sourced is considered to be an important contributor to the wonderful taste of the pizza varieties that the restaurant offers to customers. The pasta dishes are also known as bestsellers in the restaurant.