Beauty Therapy…the New Buzzword is ‘Holistic’

beauty therapy

Beauty Therapy has been a bastardised term for years which seems to allow all kind of toxic applications upon the human body, even plastic surgery! However VANESSA CARMICHAEL hopes the world will join her in exploring the organic, life-affirming value of holistic beauty therapy …

“Lips have so much to do, hold food in while you munch, keep your smile on your face, let a lie slip or truth known, but the best is a kiss…” ~ twitter quote.

Beauty therapy has been around ever since the first cave-woman, that’s if it wasn’t a metrosexual caveman, played with her chin-fur and gave it an aesthetic curl.

But it only got publicity many tens-of-thousands of years later, when the thoroughly alluring Cleopatra, of Egyptian royalty fame, added a holistic spin to the whole beauty therapy experience by incorporating essential oils into her skin-care and hair-care routines – which went on for hours, if not days and nights at a time.

bondi chai Most likely it wasn’t Cleopatra who initiated this natural beauty therapy regime, but she had the power to publicise and mythologise it. And the money to afford all those massive clay pots of lush and luxurious beautifying oils, creams and concoctions. No wonder Roman general Mark Antony fell under her spell. Or was he there more to learn her secrets, for the Romans chased the dream of longevity almost as much as they chased their enemies – and certainly looking younger is all part of that. If you can’t live forever, at least look like you can.

As Shakespeare described Cleopatra:

“Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale / Her infinite variety: other women cloy / The appetites they feed, but she makes hungry / Where most she satisfies.”

It wasn’t all just oils and cream though, Cleopatra’s beauty secrets also involved:

“Gold, snake venom (an early form of botox?) and human placentas are at the top of facial luxury and beauty.”

So, snake venom as botox, eh? No wonder Cleopatra committed suicide. Hell, most narcissists have suicidal tendencies anyway.

What’s the difference between a holistic beauty therapist and a general beauty therapist? We asked some folk on Facebook & got these answers:

Short answer is Chemicals vs No Chemicals (but you still need to ask the ‘holistic’ place just to be sure). People need to start reading labels and learning to decipher what’s what. There’s some really scary stuff in ‘beauty creams’. If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin. Everything gets absorbed. Skin is your largest organ. Most over the counter products are toxic. Even some claiming to be ‘organic’. I use olive oil, coconut oil, wheat germ oil, sesame oil on face and body. Bicarb soda to brush teeth and wash hair. Apple cider vinegar to rinse (condition) hair. ~ Tanja Bulatovic.

You could telephone Sodashi and ask their GM. All the staff meditate for 40 minutes each day (after lunch) on company time. The range is considered the purest available and is expensive. They mainly export to overseas exclusive spas. ~ Karalyn Hole.

I really like Integrity products, they’re made in Tasmania Integrity Cosmetics. ~ Meri Harli.

My definition of a natural beauty therapy is: if you can’t eat it, don’t stick it on your face! Crude oil is natural! Mineral oil is made from crude oil and is added to most so called natural beauty products. Pure Oils, essential oils, things like avocado, honey, fruit facials, bentonite clay and rice flour cleansing and exfoliating is natural beauty therapy. ~ Eva Trust.

I’ve heard that mashed strawberries make a great face mask. Strawberries have salicylic acid that rids the skin of dead cells. Great for oily skin … makes your skin glow. ~ Tonina Khamis.

I like to use a good vitamin a product (helps cells turnover faster) vitamin c product, a super-hydrating serum (non oily – something with a large component of sodium hyaluronate), sunscreen (very very important) – I quite like Megan gales zinc line. On the more natural side of things – jojoba oil is fantastic for a wide range of uses, coconut oil (personally love the organic Fiji one) cocoa butter, Shea butter, lavender, rose and lemon essential oils for compressing or bathing – all found in the hauschka range are lovely… I could go on… 🙂 ~ Tasha Olsen.

Just use moisturizing cream,,,drink lots of water,and clean living__that’s it^_^ ~ Juliana Gorgonio.

No lying in the sun! … keep a little weight on and dont get too skinny! ~ Bondi PR diva Sarah Mulvin has a few tips very related to life near Australia’s most famous beach.

“Self love, self respect, self worth: There’s a reason they all start with “self” – You can’t find them in anyone else!” ~ twitter quote.

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